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June 15th, 2023

Do extensions cause hair loss?

Extensions are one of the most used resources today, especially among women, to achieve the effect of volume and length of the desired hair. However, there is a belief that extensions cause hair loss. To what extent is this true? Can extensions cause alopecia?

In the blog de Hospital Capilar, hair clinic expert in hair grafting in Madrid, Murcia and Pontevedra, we tell you everything you need to know about the possible relationship between hair loss and extensions. Is it true that extensions cause hair loss? Next!

Hair loss and extensions: Is there a relationship?

Using hair extensions repeatedly does not have to be the origin of a alopecia. Although it is true that in certain situations extensions cause hair loss, it is not usually the case. Hair loss from using this type of element is usually reversible, so the hair will grow back normally once the extensions are stopped.

In cases where the extensions cause hair loss, we would be facing traction alopecia. As we have commented, the effects derived from this type of alopecia they are reversible and the hair will stop falling when we stop using these elements.

The types of extensions that pull the hair the most and, therefore, cause the hair to weaken are called fixed or permanent, since they are usually adhered directly to the root of the hair. Those known as temporary extensions, which are chip or transparent thread extensions, are less harmful to the scalp.

Causes that favor hair loss due to extensions

When it is said that extensions cause hair loss, reference is usually made to a series of aspects that favor hair loss. Next, we will tell you what are the reasons why extensions can be considered a cause of hair loss, especially among women.

Bad practice

One of the main reasons that can make us think that extensions cause hair loss is bad practice, especially when it comes to placing perms. It also happens when removing them, since if it is not done in the right way it can weaken the hair. For this reason, We recommend professional placement and removal of permanent extensions, in this way we will considerably reduce possible damage to the follicles.

Overuse of extensions

In the same way that it is not advisable to resort to excessively tight hairstyles on a regular basis such as pigtails or high buns, it is also not advisable to frequently opt for extensions. Occasionally and put in the right way, they do not have to harm the hair.

Too tight extensions

As we have mentioned before, there are different types of extensions. The temporary ones are the least harmful since they do not pull the hair excessively. However, permanent ones are tighter and may be the origin of what is known as traction alopecia.

Symptoms of traction alopecia

How can we know if we suffer from traction alopecia? Faced with intense hair loss that is accompanied by a lack of density and areas without hair, it is essential to go to a hair clinic in Spain to receive a medical diagnosis and find out what is the cause of this hair loss in order to find a solution. We could be facing a case of traction alopecia if you have the following symptoms.  

Lack of density at the temples

Traction alopecia also occurs when we abuse tight hairstyles such as pigtails, bows or braids. In these cases, the most obvious symptom of traction alopecia is lack of hair in the temple area.

feeling of relief

Another symptom that indicates traction alopecia is the feeling of relief caused by undoing tight hairstyles or removing extensions. This indicates that the hair has been suffering from excessive tension, which may favor hair loss.

Discomfort and redness of the scalp

In addition to the discomfort caused by the tension caused by extensions or tight hairstyles, the scalp can become inflamed and red.

What to do in the face of a lack of capillary density?

As we have seen, it is true that extensions cause hair loss in certain cases, but it is not the only factor that can trigger acute hair loss. Determining the origin of this hair loss is essential to solve it before it is too late.

En Hospital Capilar we have a expert medical team that will respond to your needs. In addition to hair grafting, we have treatments to stop hair loss such as Hair Redensification Treatment or Capillary Regeneration Treatment.

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