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April 29th 2021

When can you do sports after a hair transplant?

After hair transplantation, it is normal for certain doubts to arise about what can and cannot be done after the intervention. One of the most common questions is when you can do sports after a hair transplant.

It is normal that, once the surgery has been performed, we want to return to our usual rhythm of life as soon as possible. Do not worry! The capillary graft is an outpatient intervention whose postoperative period is quite fast, so that we can regain our usual rhythm of life with ease.

But when can we get back to our usual exercise routine? In Hospital Capilar We want to give you all the answers so that the postoperative period is as comfortable as possible.

When can you do sports after a hair transplant?

When we think about this type of intervention, it is normal that it can make us doubt not knowing when it is possible to do sports after a hair graft. 

For that reason, since Hospital Capilar We want to give you all the information that can help you make the best decision adapted to your case.

Exercising after a hair transplant

The first thing you should know is that you cannot do sports in the first days. According to our team of specialist doctors, sport, sweat and pressure can influence the result of the hair graft, so it is very important in these first days to avoid it completely.

Sport after a hair transplant

Sport fifteen days after a hair graft

After fifteen days we can do sports, although it has to be soft. This means that we cannot sweat or press, but it has to be very gentle. For example, we can go for a walk without breaking a sweat, but we cannot get into a gym to do weights.

Exercise one month after the hair implant

Then, When can you do sports after a hair transplant with total normality? We will be able to resume our exercise routine every month, when the hardest moment of the entire postoperative period has passed.

At this time we can play sports without having to worry. After a month our routine will be practically the same as before the hair graft.

Can I practice extreme sports after a hair graft?

When it comes to thinking about when to do sports after a hair transplant, it is normal to be concerned if we do any risky sports. The main thing we should know is that a month we can play sports normally, but in the case of risky or contact sports it is always advisable to be cautious.

In the case of doing some risky sports, we must avoid possible accidents or falls that may affect the scalp. As before the intervention, it is important to be careful when practicing these sports.

Postoperative rules after a hair implant

In addition to knowing when you can do sports after a hair transplant, it is important to follow the postoperative rules indicated by our team. Failure to comply with these rules can affect the final result of the hair graft, so it is very important that they are complied with.

Poor postoperative follow-up can mean that hair does not grow as we expect, or even complications such as folliculitis or seborrheic dermatitis.

For that reason, our team will tell you step by step what you should do during the postoperative period so that these dates can pass as easily.

Hospital Capilar: Recover your hair comfortably

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Furthermore, Hospital Capilar We opt for a service that is more comfortable for the patient, and for that reason we seek closeness above all else. For this reason we offer hair grafting in various parts of Spain, such as Pontevedra and Murcia, so that we can bring this type of intervention to patients.

Our team will be happy to answer all your questions and explain step by step what the capillary micrograft consists of.  Do you have questions about the surgery? We will be delighted to assist you!

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