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Hair Redensification Treatment: What are its benefits?

There are more and more hair solutions that we can find to prevent hair loss, and among them we can find the Hair Redensification Treatment or HRT.

Although it is true that more and more people are encouraged to undergo a hair graft, we must not forget the importance of good maintenance with specific treatments to take care that that new hair grows healthy and strong, as well as avoiding the possibilities of continuing to lose hair. native hair.

HRT is one of the most demanded treatments, since it is suitable both for cases in which there is little hair density, and for those who have already undergone a graft and want to take care of and enhance the health of their hair. 

Here we tell you what it consists of.

HRT treatment

What is the Hair Redensification Treatment?

El Hair Redensification Treatment, also known as HRT, consists of tailored drug therapy dermoinfiltrations into the scalp. With this we can help to stop the hair loss, avoiding its miniaturization and improving the condition of the hair.

With HRT we inject a mixture of Dutasteride and a vitamin complex with vitamin b1, b6, peptides and zinc, among others, to strengthen the hair by nourishing the follicle directly.

This treatment is applied more than to make new hair grow, so that the existing one is revitalized and thus the progression of androgenetic alopecia slows down.

If what we are looking for is a redensification on a larger scale, a previous hair graft surgery will be necessary and then undergo maintenance treatment.

We can begin to see results from the first month after the first session, a stage in which it begins to show how the hair is more strengthened.

Hair maintenance treatments

Advantages Hair Redensification Treatment

Here we tell you everything that the Hair Redensification Treatment can do for our hair, both before and after a hair graft surgery.

Non-surgical hair treatment

HRT is a treatment that does not require surgery and is very comfortable for the patient, since a postoperative period is not necessary after the session.

Hair appearance improvement

We make the hair look much thicker hair by hair, which gives us a feeling of greater abundance and density.

Helps prevent hair loss and stimulates growth

By undergoing this treatment we manage to nourish our scalp, helping to prevent the loss of our native hair and promoting the growth of grafted hair.

no side effects

It is common to find medication and oral treatments that can cause side effects, however HRT is a treatment that does not have side effects of any kind, which makes it the perfect alternative for the use of drugs.

The importance of hair maintenance treatments

Maintenance treatments are essential if we want to maintain the health of our hair and help prevent hair loss.

Although these treatments are not mandatory, it is advisable to perform them if we want our hair to be maintained. Like many people undergo facial and body aesthetic treatments, hair is no less important when it comes to taking care of ourselves.

The ideal for a correct treatment and that the benefits are not lost, is that between three and four sessions are carried out per year, which means repeating the application of HRT approximately every four months.

If you need more information about the Hair Redensification Treatment or this type of treatment in Hospital Capilar We will be happy to give you all the necessary information about its mode of use, benefits and which one is best suited to your specific case.

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