Hair graft with more than 5000 follicular units

2th September 2021

Hair graft with more than 5000 follicular units: Is it possible?

Many people are concerned about having as many follicular units as possible in their intervention to ensure a perfect result, to the point of wanting a hair graft surgery with more than 5000 follicular units.

In this article we will tell you if this is possible, and what you should take into account to see if in your case so many follicular units are recommended or not.

The number of follicular units does matter

What is clear is that in a hair graft it is very important to be able to implant as many follicular units as possible for a better capillary redensification and a result as close as possible to seeing ourselves as we were before the alopecia worsened.

The medical team must determine how many follicular units can be extracted from the donor area so that it is not visually damaged and still we can give the desired density to the recipient area.

A greater number of follicular units allows a higher final density, but it is very important not to overexploit the donor area. Our donor area is limitedTherefore, each case is different and it is very important to analyze them independently, making the most of it so that the area is not over-exploited.

Achieve density through a hair graft

Differences between the follicular unit and the hair follicle

Sometimes it is easy to confuse a follicular unit with a hair follicle. Differentiating both things will help us to know how much final density we can achieve with a hair graft.

The follicular unit is the grouping of hair follicles that can contain between 1 and 6 hairs. This turns the follicular units into groups of hair.

The hair follicle, for its part, is the part inside the scalp that gives rise to the growth of each hair. Therefore, we can say that it is hair as such.

Adapted hair treatments

How many follicular units are necessary for a good result in a hair graft?

The follicular units we need are determined by capillary diagnosis that our team performs before the intervention.

They will determine how many follicular units it is safe to remove to properly cover the recipient area. Depending on the donor area of ​​each patient, the number can range from 1000 to even more than 5000.

We need to be realistic about what we can achieve

However, we must always bear in mind that not all patients are compatible with hair graft surgery due to the progress of his alopecia and / or the quality of his hair.

Even in the case of performing the intervention in the same way, it is necessary to know how much we will be able to redensify and the real result that we will obtain. 

We can also decide in which strategic areas to graft the follicular units to obtain the best possible result with what we have.

Is it possible to implant more than 5000 follicular units in one intervention?

Yes. Implantation of more than 5000 follicular units is possible. However, this must be correctly assessed and the medical team must inform the patient of the possible risks to the donor area that this may entail. 

It is something completely feasible, but we must also know that it is not the most common to find a surgery where it is possible to extract so many amounts of follicular units. The average is usually around 3500 follicular units, and with this amount, a most optimal result is already achieved.

An amount of more than 4500 follicular units is possible, but it is always necessary to assess whether it is the ideal in each particular case. and if necessary. You can have enough for the extraction but not be necessary. Patients with such important needs are usually alopecia without treatment for years of evolution.

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En Hospital Capilar we have hair graft surgeries using the FUE and FUE technique DHI or graft without shaving.

In addition, we have a selection of treatments with which we can take care of our hair whether we have already undergone a hair graft or if what we are looking for is to prevent the advance of alopecia. 

If you are interested and want to know more about us, do not hesitate to ask us for more information. 

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