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April 26th 2021

Hair graft in Galicia:
Why go to Pontevedra?

In recent years, Spain has become a benchmark in the hair graft sector. Whereas before Istanbul was the city chosen for this type of intervention, now Madrid is practically on a par. But have you ever thought about hair graft in Galicia?

Currently almost all sectors are committed to focusing services in the capital, but in Hospital Capilar We were born for a very clear reason: to bring the hair graft closer to our patients, instead of having them travel to our center.

For example, we know how important it is to have good postoperative follow-up and to be able to perform maintenance treatments with ease. This is why we have decided to start our adventure in Pontevedra, bringing hair grafting to this entire area of ​​Spain.

Benefits of having a hair graft in Galicia

Hair grafting in Galicia is already a reality. We want to bring one of the most requested services in our country to the rest of the provinces, and that is why we are committed to a decentralized model that is available to all people who are interested in solving their hair problems.

But, why stay then in Galicia instead of traveling to other cities? We tell you all the benefits!

Hair micrograft at your fingertips

When it comes to getting a hair graft, we look for quality, but also comfort. What happens if we combine both? In Hospital Capilar We want to put a specialized and experienced team at your fingertips, thus avoiding unnecessary travel.

We know that moving to other provinces for the intervention is not usually uncomfortable, but it is a key factor for postoperative follow-up and performing treatments that help hair growth.

For that reason, we want to bet on a model that is available to the patient and can offer a closer follow-up. 

No more traveling: Hospilar Capilar is here to change the rules and be the ones who move the patient.

The safety of Spanish healthcare

Another key factor in choosing the hair graft in Galicia is that it has the security of the Spanish health.

Turkey is known for the high quality of its hair graft results, but it is also true that medical quality standards are not the same as those found in the European Economic Community.

This means that there are certain sanitary measures, such as carrying out a previous analysis, whose operation is different.

Hair graft in Pontevedra

For that reason, and more knowing that Spain is among the best valued in terms of medical quality, it makes more and more people choose our country to perform this type of intervention.

Hair maintenance treatments

One of the main reasons for choosing to have a hair graft in Galicia is its proximity. Although the intervention matters less when it comes to traveling, then it can generate doubts having to go to the check-ups or to undergo hair support treatments.

It is then when proximity plays an essential factor when deciding. Why opt for moving from time to time to another province if we can comfortably approach a center that is close to our home?

Maintenance treatments are very important to take care of your hair. Although the implanted hair is not affected by androgenetic alopecia, the native one can continue to fall out. For that reason, many people choose to opt for maintenance treatments.

Although it is not essential, it is a necessary complement that must be assessed if we want to take care of our hair in all aspects and prevent it from losing its quality over time.

Visit one of the most charming areas of Spain

Everyone knows that the north is one of the most charming areas of Spain. Why not take advantage and get to know Galicia? Pontevedra is very well communicated with the rest of the province, and also with other communities.

All this makes having a hair graft in Galicia a great opportunity both to make that change that we are waiting for in our lives and to take advantage of and get to know one of the most beautiful areas of the country.

En Hospital Capilar we bet on proximity

From Hospital Capilar Our goal is to bring hair grafting closer to all people with this type of problem who are looking for both a physical and personal change.

For us, the patient is the most important thing, and that also includes being able to offer greater comfort in their transfer. For this reason, we are committed to the proximity in our services, always offering the highest quality standards both at the time of the intervention and in the final results.

Free diagnosis in Pontevedra

Requests your hair diagnosis at no cost in your center of Hospital Capilar nearest and find a solution adapted to your case.
We are looking forward to seeing you in this Special Mini-webinar!

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