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21th September 2021

Hair graft in autumn: The best time?

More and more people are considering have a hair graft done in the fall. It is not surprising, since it is an increasingly requested date due to the comfort offered by this station in these types of interventions.

No date is better or worse to have an operation, since it depends a lot on each one and the way they enjoy each season, but today we want to tell you everything you need to know if you are thinking of having a hair graft on these dates. Do not miss it!

Reasons to have a hair graft in the fall

Do you have doubts about whether to get a hair graft in the fall? There are many reasons for choosing these dates, and that is why today we want to leave you all the information to help you make the decision that best suits you personally.

Make the decision in the midst of seasonal decline

In autumn the call occurs seasonal fall, which is a change of hair that every mammal lives with the change of temperatures. It is therefore normal that we notice a greater hair loss.

This fall can make us more aware of whether we have some kind of latent hair problem. Why not take advantage of this situation to finally find a solution to something that we have been thinking about for a long time? The perfect time to take the plunge!

Greater tranquility after the summer

Summer is usually a season of many emotions. Holidays and the like make us spend more time away from home, making it a stage where many people do not want to have a hair transplant.

This, together with the fact that the weather changes and we are not usually so exposed to the sun, makes us find a stage where it is calmer to perform this type of intervention and to be able to spend a more comfortable postoperative period.

Autumn: The Season of Change

Although the year begins in January, many people place the end of summer and the beginning of fall as the real change. The end of the holidays, back to school and the like makes many people feel like their own “new year” these dates.

Therefore, it is a good time to make our own personal change and meet all the goals to reach the next year with the hair we have always wanted.

Tips for caring for your hair in autumn

In addition to the reasons for having a hair graft in autumnIt is important to know how to take care of the hair in this season so that it survives the season in the best possible way and we can look great regardless of the bad weather.

Protect yourself from changes in the weather

The main thing to keep in mind is that it is important to protect yourself from the bad weather. For instance, wind can damage hair, the dust is also not beneficial, and in general, temporary inclement weather can affect the hair.

For this reason it is important to use protection on the scalp such as tying up the hair or wearing accessories such as a cap.

Be careful with the heating!

The drop in temperatures causes us to abuse the heating more, which is also harmful for the hair since it increases dryness and makes the hair break more easily and is more frizzy than it should.

Use the right products for your hair

Something that will always help us regardless of the season is to use the correct products for the type of hair we have, an essential if we want to show off beautiful and well-groomed hair that does not give us problems and remains in perfect condition.

Follow the advice given by specialists

Finally, another tip that is important to keep in mind is that it is important to follow the advice given by people who specialize in hair and who can tell you everything you can do to take care of your hair in all aspects.

What should you keep in mind if you get a hair transplant in autumn?

Thinking of getting a hair graft in the fall? It is very important that you take into account the pre and postoperative rules to achieve a correct advance of your implant. In this way you will help prevent possible complications and achieve the expected results.

It is important that you protect yourself from the bad weather, since for example the wind or rain will affect the recently implanted follicular units. In general, follow all the advice given by the team to achieve the expected result regardless of the season you choose to have a hair graft done.

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