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July 7, 2023

Hair transplant in summer: Is it a bad time?

Hair transplantation has become one of the most demanded methods today to recover hair that has fallen due to alopecia. It is a safe and effective intervention that offers natural and lasting results. However, there are those who say that it is not a surgery that we can perform at any time of the year and assure that the hair transplant in summer is not as effective. 

With the arrival of good weather it is very common to give more importance to our physical appearance. As it happens with the bikini operation and the gym, we began to worry more about the state of our hair and we looked for a solution to baldness in the hair implant. But, To what extent is it advisable to perform a hair graft in summer? From Hospital Capilar We tell you everything you should keep in mind about a hair transplant in the summer season. 

Is it feasible to have a hair transplant in summer?

Yes, it is feasible to perform a hair graft in summer and, even, there are many who undergo this intervention during the vacation period. This time is the favorite of many since they take advantage of the holidays to not miss work on the day of the intervention and perform a postoperative calm and relaxed. Therefore, it is a viable and safe intervention even in summer. 

However, to perform the hair graft in summer it is essential to take into account a series of factors and medical indications related to the postoperative period. Otherwise, the survival of the grafts would be put at risk and, consequently, the result of the hair implant would not be as expected. 

What to take into account of a hair transplant in summer

To undergo a hair graft in summer, it is essential to take into account a series of factors to avoid possible complications and achieve, in any case, a satisfactory result. Although we should be aware of them at any time of the year, it is true that in summer you have to be even more cautious. 

Watch out for the sun

During the first month it is necessary Avoid the direct exposure to the sun. For this, it is preferable to avoid going to places where we spend a long time under the sun, such as beaches or swimming pools. If you do, keep it for as short a time as possible and cover the area with a baggy hat that does not rub against the grafts. from 10 days after the intervention

If we do not protect ourselves sufficiently from the sun, the scalp, which is sensitive after surgery, could burn, giving rise to possible complications during healing and hyperpigmentation of the skin. For this reason, even when the first month after the operation has passed, the medical team will assess whether you are ready for sun exposure or if, on the contrary, it is still necessary to protect yourself a little more.  

Avoid sea water and swimming pool

As with the sun, we should not get our heads wet with seawater or Swimmingpool since, due to salt and chemicals such as chlorine, we can damage our donor and recipient areas considerably. The direct consequence of bathing on the beach or in the pool after a capillary graft is irritation and the development of infections. 

Not practicing exercise

During the first month after surgery it is important to avoid sport, since excessive sweating as well as sudden movements can cause the development of infections in the area where the follicles have been implanted. From two weeks after surgery, light exercise that does not involve sweating can be resumed. Sport as such can be practiced again once the first month has elapsed.

Attention to what you put on your head

Although we must cover our heads with a baggy cap or hat to avoid the impact of the sun, it is important to know that we will be able to do it once the first ten days have passed and that not everything goes. Some accessories that are totally contraindicated after a hair graft in summer are swimming caps, helmets, whether for work, motorbike or bicycle, and tight caps. 

Advantages of having a hair graft in summer

Although it is essential to follow these recommendations, hair grafting in the summer months has multiple advantages and from Hospital Capilar we tell you. 

It coincides with the holidays

The fact of having more time as it coincides with a period of less workload, as well as being able to take advantage of the vacation period to perform the surgery, means that the postoperative period is much more relaxed as you can be calm at home. We will be able to pay more attention to cures and care, without the distractions of the busy routine of the rest of the year.

Good cheer helps recovery

In the summer months we usually have a better mood and that is key to helping our recovery. We are more receptive to everything that is necessary to face in the postoperative period, we have more patience and the shock loss he copes better.

The results will come at the perfect time

If we get a hair transplant in summer, we will be sure that next summer we will be able to look great wherever we go. In addition, it is important to bear in mind that the return to the routine in September will coincide with the moment in which our hair begins to grow and the worst will already be over.

The important thing, as at any time of the year, is that we always follow the recommendations that the medical equipment gives us before we go home after the intervention.

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