Sanitary worker designing the receiving area where the follicles will be implanted
June 3th, 2024

Low cost hair transplant: Is it a good decision?

The great demand for hair implants has caused the imminent increase in the number of hair clinics in Spain and Turkey. Consequently, a wide range of prices can be found from 1.500 euros to 5.000 euros. Many people decide on a low cost hair transplant thinking of obtaining good results at the cheapest price, but is it a good decision? Does the low cost hair transplant offer good results? Why are there cheaper hair implant surgeries?

En Hospital Capilar, hair clinic in Spain, we tell you to what extent it is advisable to decide on a low cost hair transplant. Next!

What do we understand by low cost hair transplant?

Currently in the market we can find a range of hair graft prices that range between 2.000 and 4.000 euros in Spain. However, we can also find much cheaper hair grafts, especially in Turkey, finding them for 1.500 euros. This is what we understand as a low cost hair transplant, hair surgeries below 2.500 euros.

Undergoing a hair transplant is an economic effort for most people. This is why many times an affordable price is exclusively sought, leaving aside other more important aspects that tend to be sacrificed in cheap hair transplants, such as the quality of personnel, material, and good facilities. For this reason, it is advisable to jointly assess the decision to opt for a low cost hair graft in Turkey, above all, or assume a greater economic effort but with the quality guarantee of a good hair clinic in Spain.

To give us a slight idea, the price of a hair transplant in Spain ranges between 2.500 and 5.000 euros. Depending on the clinic, as well as the services included with the surgery, we find different hair graft packages.

What marks the price of a hair graft?

To understand the price differences between a low cost hair transplant and hair surgeries performed in Spain in recognized clinics, it is essential to understand what are the main factors that determine the price of a hair transplant.

Material used

The quality and type of material used make the difference between a cheap hair graft and a more expensive one. For example, incisions made in the receiving area of the patient are executed with a scalpel. This scalpel can be normal surgical steel or sapphire, with which a better result is achieved by promoting healing and allowing greater precision in the incisions.

Facilities and equipment

Hair grafting is still a surgery. In other words, operating rooms equipped with everything necessary are required to successfully perform hair transplantation. Among others, it is key to have patient monitoring systems to control vital signs at all times. In cases of low cost hair transplant, they can do without it, among others.

Experience and quality of the medical team

Those who perform the hair transplant are doctors and health professionals with experience and training in hair surgery. Count on hair transplant specialists of quality, with great experience and results that guarantee them has a cost. Meanwhile, in a low cost hair transplant we can find that doctors are not the ones who perform and are in charge of hair surgery.

number of follicles

Although in many hair clinics the price of the intervention is fixed regardless of the follicular units, in other cases the number of follicles to be extracted does influence the final price. 

Extraction of follicular units in a FUE hair graft

Risks of a low cost hair transplant

Before deciding on a low cost hair transplant, it is highly recommended to take into account the possible risks that we face. To avoid them as much as possible, it is useful, in any case, to visit and get to know the hair clinic in question to make sure that they have good facilities and quality medical personnel, among others.

Bad result of hair transplant

When the price of hair transplantation is so cheap, it usually leads to malpractice and its performance by unqualified personnel. The consequence of this is that the hair implant result is not as expected: low survival rate of the follicles, bad design or lack of naturalness in the final result.

In the end, what is intended to be achieved with a hair graft is to recover the hair that has fallen due to alopecia without it being noticed that we have undergone said surgery, that is, achieving a natural result. In cases of low cost hair transplant clinics, there are relatively high chances that the result will not be the desired one.

Risk of infection

The capillary graft entails a postoperative follow-up where the patient must follow all medical indications, otherwise the result of the hair graft could be compromised. In low cost hair transplant clinics, especially in Turkey, they do not carry out this postoperative follow-up, causing the origin of infections that damage the follicles as a folliculitis.

Donor area damage

The hair that is extracted from the donor area to perform the hair transplant does not come back. This is why it requires a lot of skill and a meticulous capillary analysis prior to making the extraction of hair follicles without damaging the donor area and that goes unnoticed. Sometimes, the lack of experience in this type of low cost hair transplant causes the donor area to end up damaged and, on many occasions, no chance of recovery.

The quality of hair grafting in Spain

There are currently quality hair implant clinics in Spain that, although they do not offer a low cost hair graft as we can find in Turkey, usually have certain payment facilities such as hair graft financing. It is an aesthetic intervention whose main purpose is to look good. This is why in most cases it is preferable to invest a little more and achieve a satisfactory and lasting result, than to save money at the expense of our health.

More and more people decide to undergo hair grafting in Spain for various reasons. Although they are not the cheapest prices and, as previously mentioned, they range between 2.500 and 5.000 euros, other types of benefits, advantages and guarantees are obtained.

Spanish health guarantee

The hair implant is still a surgery. In Spain we have quality healthcare with highly trained and experienced doctors and nurses. This translates into greater peace of mind during the intervention in the event of any type of improvisation, since it will be professionals from the sector who will take care of you during surgery.

Postoperative follow-up

The postoperative period of the hair graft can be done close to home and go to the pertinent cures and medical check-ups. In this way, the medical team in charge evaluates and controls the correct evolution of the hair implant.

Custom hair study

To achieve a good result from the hair graft, a detailed and personalized hair analysis is needed. In this way, the medical team determines the viability of the surgery, as well as the number of follicular units to be extracted and the expectations of the results. In Spain, this free diagnosis is usually carried out by experts. 

Doctor Orozco carrying out the design of the front line in Hospital Capilar Murcia

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