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Your hair transplant in Madrid is now a whole experience in Hospital Capilar. In a privileged location with easy access, you can recover your hair and put an end to alopecia in a space of 2.000 square meters dedicated exclusively to hair medicine.

Process of a beard graft in Madrid
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We have 11 operating rooms fully equipped with everything you need to enjoy your hair graft in Madrid safely, comfortably and in the hands of the best hair doctors in the sector. Throughout the surgery you will remain monitored, in this way the medical team controls and ensures the vital signs. Although it is a minimally invasive outpatient intervention where the risk is minimal, in Hospital Capilar We work to ensure the safety of each of our patients.

All our operating rooms at the Madrid hair clinic have entertainment systems, WiFi and televisions with access to video-on-demand platforms to make the intervention more bearable. In addition, each of the operating rooms has its own private room where the patient can rest and have lunch in total privacy, making hair transplantation in Madrid a whole experience.

Hair grafting in Madrid is not the only service we offer at our hair clinic. Medical consultations, face-to-face advice with experts, medical hair treatments, analysis, cures and disinfections are other services that you will find at the Madrid hair clinic to take care of your hair in depth.




The hair implant in Hospital Capilar includes a series of additional products and services to take care of the final aesthetic result throughout the process until medical discharge. We adapt to the needs of each of our patients offering different hair implant packages.

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You will be able to solve all the doubts that arise both before and after the hair transplant at the hands of the expert hair advisor that is assigned to you. You will have direct contact with your advisor at any time you need it until you receive medical discharge, thus accompanying you throughout the process of your hair transplant in Madrid. In Hospital Capilar Madrid we work so that you do not have any doubts.

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Capillary diagnosis

The medical diagnosis prior to the hair transplant where the medical team determines the viability of the hair graft is completely free. In this hair analysis, the doctors study your case in a personalized way, examine your scalp in detail and determine the number of follicles to be implanted. In Hospital Capilar Madrid hair diagnosis is performed on your first visit to our hair clinic in Madrid or, if you prefer, you also have the option of doing it remotely through our online diagnosis.

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Hair Revolution Box

When you contract your surgery in Hospital Capilar Madrid you will receive our Hair Revolution Box where you will find all the hair products and recommendations to carry out a good preoperative and postoperative period of the hair implant. All the comforts and care of your hair graft in one box.

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The hair implant is carried out by expert doctors in hair surgery together with an expert health team that will take care of you throughout the intervention. The hair graft in Hospital Capilar Madrid we do it with a sapphire scalpel to achieve the most natural results. In addition, we provide you with pre-anesthesia to considerably reduce the discomfort of applying local anesthesia. Maximum number of follicular units possible guaranteed.

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Postoperative cures

After the capillary graft, a series of cures are necessary to keep the area clean and hydrated. In Hospital Capilar It is our Trichology service that performs them at the Madrid hair clinic. We offer an exhaustive follow-up of the patient, performing cures and check-ups the day after surgery, 10 days, 6 months and, finally, one year after the hair implant.

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Including periodic medical reviews for the medical team to ensure the correct evolution of the hair graft. The results of the hair implant are, definitively, once the first year of surgery has elapsed. It is at that moment that you will receive a medical discharge and, finally, you will have recovered the best version of yourself.



En Hospital Capilar We work to achieve optimal and natural hair transplant results. To do this, we carry out a personalized diagnosis and design based on the characteristics and physiognomy of each patient. We achieve the satisfaction of our patients and great changes thanks to our techniques and work methods. Our involvement with the patient is total and our main objective is his satisfaction.



To achieve aesthetic results that meet expectations, it is essential that an expert medical team performs the hair transplant in Madrid. In Hospital Capilar We have the best professionals in the sector who will take care of you during the intervention.

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The hair implant with the FUE technique is currently the only method to recover hair lost due to alopecia. It is a minimally invasive method that is performed on an outpatient basis, and offers lasting and natural results. The hair graft in Hospital Capilar It is done in a single session and consists of several phases.

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In order to perform the hair transplant, it is necessary to shave the hair, since the hair must be approximately 2 millimeters long. In cases of hair transplant without shaving, only the donor area is shaved, that is, the one from where the necessary hair follicles are going to be extracted. Our operating room staff shaves the hair the same day of surgery.

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anesthesia application

The hair implant is not a painful process since local anesthesia is used. In this way the patient remains awake and conscious during the intervention without feeling discomfort. The application of anesthesia is usually a somewhat uncomfortable phase, so in Hospital Capilar We offer pre-anesthesia with which we manage to reduce pain.

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Follicular Unit Extraction

When the local anesthesia has been applied, the health team performs the extraction of the follicles. This is done with a punch with a micromotor and are extracted individually without leaving visible scars. The extracted hair follicles are placed in Petri dishes to preserve them in the best conditions and guarantee their survival.

Symbol of implantation of follicular units in a capillary graft


The surgeon makes incisions in the area affected by baldness with a sapphire scalpel. In these cavities, the previously extracted follicular units are implanted one by one. With this, the hair graft is completed and the patient can return home normally.

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How many follicular units are necessary in a hair implant?

The number of follicular units that are necessary to successfully perform a hair transplant is determined by the medical team based on each particular case. However, the usual thing is that between 2.000 and 3.500 follicular units are implanted.

Can the hair that is implanted fall out again?

No. The hair that has been implanted is extracted from an area that is immune to alopecia, so the grafted follicular units do not fall out again. Even so, it is essential to proceed with the medical treatment recommended by our team to keep alopecia under control and prevent further hair loss, as it would compromise the aesthetics of the hair implant results.

Do you have to shave your hair?

It is necessary to shave the hair to be able to perform the FUE hair graft successfully. The length of the hair in the donor area, the one from which the follicles are extracted, should be approximately 2 millimeters long. The hair in the area to be treated, called the recipient area, may not be shaved in some cases and if deemed so by the medical team at Hospital Capilar. In general, for comfort and aesthetics, it is more advisable to shave the entire head.

Does the hair graft hurt?

During the hair implant, local anesthesia is applied so that the patient does not feel any type of pain during the intervention. Local anesthesia injections are the only phase of surgery that can cause some discomfort and, therefore, in Hospital Capilar We make pre-anesthesia available to our patients. With it, it is possible to considerably reduce the pain of local anesthesia injections.

How long does hair graft surgery last?

Although it is an outpatient surgery, it is relatively long lasting. Typically, the FUE hair graft lasts around 7 hours, although it varies depending on the follicular units that are implanted, among other factors. The more follicular units needed, the longer the surgery will take.

Can everyone have a hair transplant?

No. A medical assessment is necessary to determine if the patient is suitable for a hair transplant. Among the factors taken into account are the degree of alopecia, type of hair loss and patient expectations.

Do they give up work with the hair implant?

Being a cosmetic surgery, sick leave is not required. Therefore, in Hospital Capilar we do not make it easy to unsubscribe.

When are the results of the hair implant seen?

The process from surgery to medical discharge is long. The definitive results of a capillary graft are given one year after the intervention, although significant changes can already be seen after 6 months.

From when is it possible to dye the hair after the hair implant?

Until two months after the surgery, it is not possible to dye the hair since we could seriously compromise the health of the grafts.

After surgery, what needs to be done?

After the intervention, the patient can return home with relative normality following the precautions and postoperative instructions provided by the medical team at Hospital Capilar. The next day, the cure and disinfection is carried out in the clinic where, in addition, it is shown how to proceed with the washing at home. Once 10 days have elapsed, the patient must go back to the clinic for the health team to proceed with the cure and pertinent review. After 6 months, another medical check-up corresponds and, once the year has elapsed, the patient is discharged and will be able to appreciate the final results.

How to sleep after the hair implant?

During the first days after surgery, the recipient and donor area will be especially sensitive and friction must be avoided. This is why during the first 5 nights you should sleep in a semi-upright position with the cervical pillow that we provide at Hospital Capilar.

My hair falls out after the hair graft, is this normal?

About a month after the hair implant, what is known as Shock Loss occurs. It is a completely normal process by which the grafted hair falls, but the follicles do not come off, so the hair will grow back stronger and healthier.

Can I wear a cap after FUE hair transplant?

Immediately after surgery, no. It will be necessary to wait until after the first month to be able to use helmets, caps, caps and hats. If they are loose and do not rub against the implants, they can be used with great caution after 10 days.

When can you cut your hair after a hair transplant?

It is possible to cut the hair from the month of surgery in the donor area, the grafted area only with scissors.

Can you do sports after hair transplantation?

Not immediately after. You have to wait a month to be able to practice sports normally, since excessive sweating can compromise the health of the grafts. In the case of low intensity sports that do not involve sweating, it can be resumed after 15 days.

Is it feasible to sunbathe after a hair transplant?

No. During the first months after the hair transplant it is really important to protect ourselves from the sun, otherwise it could affect the final result.  



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The intervention was 10.
I only have good words and I recommend it to all who are doubting! Because it changes you.

Pietro Pini

Positive experience, very professional, pleasant and prepared staff. clean and well maintained clinic. From the beginning, good communication and also the possibility of speaking with the operating room has been a very important added value for me. I advise 100%

Alexander Garrido

A great treatment by doctors, advisers and assistants. In a month I had my appointment for the intervention, then they do an exhaustive follow-up and you always have a phone number to answer questions that you answer at any time. I recommend it.


I am delighted to have had surgery and to continue with the treatments with them. Any questions or problems are answered immediately and are pending. Very good professionals!

Carlos Acha

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They analyzed my case and later recommended PRP treatment before the implant. Only 3 months have passed and I am really delighted: Much more volume, density and strength. And, humane treatment is fundamental, from management and advisers to nurses, doctors.
Thank you very much!

Pilar Martin

I tell my experience as the mother of a young boy and many doubts and many fears arose. I must say that after speaking with the team that was going to be with my son, all this disappeared and today after six months the result is. ..


impressive and seeing my son happy without complexes is priceless, self-esteem is so important for such a young person that it was worth it and a lot, from the team to say that they are charming and great professionals my special thanks to Alicia with whom I have dealt throughout the process.