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En Hospital Capilar We bring hair medicine to every corner of Spain, thus avoiding large trips.
Perform your hair transplant in Murcia with the help of the best medical professionals in the sector.


En Hospital Capilar Murcia
we have a space
of 300 square meters.


We have 2 operating rooms
dedicated exclusively to
hair implants.


Medical consultations that
ensure maximum comfort
to our patients.


Personalized advice rooms with our team of professionals.



En Hospital Capilar You can perform your hair transplant in Murcia with total security and guarantee. We have a hair clinic specialized in hair surgeries and treatments in the city of Murcia with a space set up exclusively for hair medicine. We have 2 operating rooms dedicated to performing hair transplants in Murcia, as well as other types of hair surgeries such as eyebrow or beard implants. Our operating rooms are specially equipped to guarantee the comfort and safety of our patients, so that you will remain monitored throughout the surgery to ensure its correct evolution. In addition, each one has entertainment systems, WiFi, television and subscriptions to video on demand platforms.
We carry out the cures after the intervention in rooms enabled for this in our hair clinic in Murcia. Our healthcare team is in charge of proceeding with the relevant washing and disinfection. In addition to being experts in hair transplants in Murcia and other hair surgeries, we offer hair treatments aimed at stopping hair loss, improving hair quality and stabilizing alopecia. We have expert advisors in the hair sector who will answer any questions you may have and will be attentive to you at all times.

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Your hair transplant in Murcia at the hands of Hospital Capilar includes a series of additional products and services to guarantee the correct evolution of the hair implant and obtain the best aesthetic result. We have different hair graft packs in Murcia based on the needs and preferences of each patient.

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En Hospital Capilar Murcia we put at your disposal an expert hair advisor who will guide you throughout your process, solving all the doubts that may arise. In this way you can maintain direct contact with an expert who takes your case whenever you need it. We want to accompany you at all times in the simplest and most comfortable way possible.

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Capillary diagnosis

In order to perform the hair transplant in Murcia and achieve successful results, a prior medical diagnosis is essential. In Hospital Capilar Murcia we carry out a personalized hair analysis in which our doctors study your case, assess its feasibility and estimate the necessary follicles, as well as the design of the implant according to your expectations.

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Hair Revolution Box

Committed to the advancement of the sector, when you hire your hair graft in Murcia at the hands of Hospital Capilar you will receive our Hair Revolution Box. In this box you will have at your fingertips everything you need to follow a correct preoperative and postoperative period for hair transplantation: hair care products, relevant information and much more.

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Our own medical team is the one who performs the hair graft surgery. We use the FUE technique with a sapphire scalpel to achieve natural results without leaving visible scars. In addition, we apply local anesthesia to avoid discomfort during the intervention while the patient remains awake. The hair graft in Hospital Capilar We do it in a single session, implanting the largest number of hair follicles in each case.

cures symbol

Postoperative cures

After the intervention, our health team performs the corresponding cures and disinfections in our hair clinic in Murcia. In Hospital Capilar We perform a cure the day after the intervention and another after 10 days to facilitate the removal of scabs. In this way we keep the area clean and disinfected, reducing the chances of infection.

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You will have periodic reviews with our doctors to assess the state of the scalp and the evolution of the hair implant in each of its phases. In Hospital Capilar Murcia we carry out several medical check-ups in the clinic the day after surgery, after 10 days, after 6 months and once the first year has elapsed. It is at this moment where you will receive the medical discharge and you will be able to appreciate the final results of your hair graft.



Carrying out a meticulous study of the patient, achieving a consistent design and applying the most effective techniques with an experienced medical team make it possible to achieve the best hair transplant results. In Hospital Capilar We seek excellence and work to achieve real patient satisfaction with changes like the ones we show you below.



Although it is an outpatient intervention, a hair implant is still a surgery. Therefore, it is necessary that expert doctors carry out the hair transplant in Murcia. In Hospital Capilar We have a team of professionals with whom we can achieve optimal results and who will take care of you at all times.


Surgeon Murcia

Collegiate No. 03-2869129


Surgeon Murcia

Collegiate number 284002939



The capillary graft is an ambulatory intervention, minimally invasive, which in Hospital Capilar We perform it in a single session, guaranteeing the maximum number of follicular units. It offers natural results and thanks to the use of the FUE technique there are no visible scars. Hair implant surgery lasts approximately 7 hours and consists of several phases.

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It is necessary that the hair to be extracted from the donor area is approximately 2 millimeters long to facilitate its extraction and subsequent implantation. Normally, all the hair is shaved for the comfort and aesthetics of the patient. In cases of hair graft without shaving, only the donor area is shaved.

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anesthesia application

En Hospital Capilar Murcia we apply local anesthesia so that the patient does not feel any pain during surgery. This phase is usually somewhat annoying, which is why we make the pre-anesthesia available to the patient, with which we manage to reduce the pain of the application of local anesthesia considerably.

Shaving of a hair graft
Sanitary workers performing a capillary graft in Murcia in Hospital Capilar
Hair follicle extraction symbol

Follicular Unit Extraction

Our health team extracts the necessary follicular units from the area that is not affected by alopecia. The follicles are extracted one by one with a punch with micromotor in such a way that no visible scars are left. Once the follicular units are extracted, they are placed in Petri dishes for better conservation.

Symbol of implantation of follicular units in a capillary graft


The last step with which the hair graft surgery is completed is with the implantation of the follicles in the recipient area. The surgeon makes small incisions with a sapphire scalpel where the follicles are then grafted one by one.




Paseo de Florencia, Rda. Sur, 13, 30010 Murcia


Monday to Friday
Of 10: 00 20 to: 00 hours
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Can anyone undergo a hair implant?

No. A medical diagnosis of the patient is necessary where the medical team Hospital Capilar It will determine if you are suitable or not for a hair transplant.

When can you dye your hair after a hair transplant?

After the first two months have elapsed, the patient can dye their hair.

How many follicular units are needed in a hair transplant?

Normally the number of follicles ranges between 2000 and 3500, although a certain number is estimated for each patient. To find out, the medical team performs a hair medical diagnosis.

When can the results of the hair implant be seen?

The results of the capillary graft are definitely appreciated after the first year of surgery. At 6 months you can already see remarkable changes.

Do I have to shave the whole head?

The hair from the donor area, the one from which the follicular units are to be extracted, should be approximately 2 millimeters long. The area to be operated on is not strictly necessary to shave, as long as the medical team gives the go-ahead. However, in Hospital Capilar we recommend shaving the entire head mainly for comfort and aesthetics.

How long does it take to perform a hair implant?

Hair graft surgery lasts approximately 7 hours, although it will depend in any case on the follicular units that are estimated to be implanted.

How should you sleep after hair transplant surgery?

During the first 5 nights it is important to sleep in a semi-upright position, so as not to rub against the grafts, and with the cervical cushion that we provide in the clinic.

What has to be done after a hair implant?

Once the surgery is finished, the patient can return home with relative normality. The next day he is scheduled to be seen in the clinic to perform the 24-hour cure and another 10 days later. In addition, they have medical check-ups at 6 months and a year, at which time they will be discharged. After the capillary graft, it is essential to comply with all the postoperative instructions to avoid complications that could harm the final result of the surgery.

When can you cut your hair after a hair transplant?

It will be necessary to wait for a month after the surgery to be able to cut the hair in the donor area. The receiving area should be cut with scissors.

Can you wear a cap after a hair implant?

Right after, no. We will have to wait a month to resume the use of helmets, hats, hats and caps.

Can I get the sun after a hair implant?

Definitely not. It is important to protect ourselves from the sun during the first months to avoid burns or hyperpigmentation in the graft area.

Is the hair graft painful?

No, local anesthesia is applied so that the patient does not feel any discomfort during the intervention. The application of anesthesia does usually cause some pain and, therefore, in Hospital Capilar We offer pre-anesthesia that considerably reduces the pain of the anesthesia itself.

When can you resume sport?

In case of light intensity exercise, which does not involve excessive sweating, it can be resumed 15 days after the intervention. For sports of medium or moderate intensity, you will have to wait a month.

Can the hair that has been implanted fall out again?

No, the implanted hair is not affected by alopecia, so in principle it will not fall again. However, if the alopecia is not stabilized with medical treatment, the native hair will continue to fall. For this reason it is important to continue with the treatment recommended by the medical team.

Is it normal for hair to fall out after the hair implant?

Yes. This is known as Shock Loss and it is a completely normal process that begins one month after the intervention. The hair falls out due to the trauma generated during the intervention, but the follicular unit remains intact so the hair will grow again.



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They accompany you throughout the process, before, during and after surgery. As for the results, it has been two and a half months since my intervention and it has evolved quite well, I am very happy, but we still have to wait a little longer to see the final result in a few months. But I am very excited, expectant and satisfied with the treatment received by all the staff, especially my cleaner Vanessa, who has been 100% involved with me since day one and has made me feel at home. Thanks a lot for everything. Without a doubt the best choice I could make. 100% recommended.🤗👍


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