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June 15th, 2023

Hair transplant in redheads: Is it viable?

The growing demand for hair surgeries has caused us, with increasing frequency, to encourage us to ask and request information about this technique. It offers very good results, but not all patients are suitable to undergo this type of intervention, so there are certain criteria by which the medical team determines the feasibility of surgery. Is hair color one of them? Is hair grafting in redheads viable?

In the blog de Hospital Capilar, experts in hair grafting in Madrid, Murcia and Pontevedra, we tell you to what extent a hair transplant is viable in redheads and if it offers good results. Next!

Is a hair graft effective in redheads?

Hair color is not usually an impediment for a hair transplantTherefore, a capillary graft in redheads is effective as long as the medical team considers it so, as with the rest of the cases. Namely, a patient with natural red hair can have a hair transplant with good aesthetic results. Of course, in case the hair is excessively light, the medical team may request that it be dyed a couple of days before the surgery because, as happens when you have gray hair in a hair implant, very light hair is negligible at the microscopic level, which would complicate surgery.

The main conditions that can make a hair implant not viable are:

  • La quality of the donor area, that is, where the hair is extracted from. If you are very poor, with thin hair and lack of quantity, doctors may not approve hair transplant
  • An excessively wide receiving area. In other words, if more follicular units are needed to implant than can be extracted, the result will not be as expected.
  • Scalp pathologies, which can delay the intervention and even cancel it.

Hair transplant procedure

After knowing that a hair transplant in redheads is possible, the next thing we can question is, precisely, how this intervention is carried out. In Hospital Capilar We follow a strict protocol by means of which it is carried out from a trichological study of the patient to determine the state of your scalp, such as a postoperative follow-up with cures and hair treatments. 

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Assessment of the viability of the capillary implant

As we have mentioned before, the first thing that is carried out when we go to a hair clinic to undergo a hair transplant is a medical evaluation. In Hospital Capilar this first diagnosis is completely free and, in it, our hair doctors determine the viability of the hair transplant, as well as an estimate of the follicular units to be implanted, among others.

Once the patient is satisfied and decides to take the step, the capillary graft preoperative where the patient must comply with certain medical standards to ensure that the scalp arrives in perfect condition for surgery.

Design of the recipient and donor area

On the day of the intervention, the medical team designs the receiving area, the area affected by alopecia, based on the patient's tastes and expectations, as well as their physiognomy.


Except for cases in which it is possible to proceed with the hair graft without shaving, the patient's entire head should be shaved. The length of the hair should be approximately 1 or 2 millimeters, in order to proceed with the extraction and implantation correctly.

Application of anesthesia

Once in the operating room, the medical team applies anesthesia. In the capillary graft, only local anesthesia is used, not general, allowing the patient to return normally to her home. Although we do not recommend driving after a hair transplant in no case.

This phase is usually the most annoying of all and, consequently, in Hospital Capilar we make available to our patients the pre-anesthesia. It involves the application of lidocaine through kinetic impulses on the scalp, numbing the area where the anesthetic is subsequently injected.

Follicular unit extraction

Once the entire scalp is anesthetized, the team begins with the extraction of the follicular units from the donor area. With the FUE technique, this is carried out individually by means of a punch with micromotor leaving no visible scars.

When the follicles are extracted, they are placed in Petri dishes for better preservation.

Making incisions in the recipient area

Once the necessary follicular units have been extracted, the surgeon proceeds to make the incisions in the area affected by baldness. These are carried out with a sapphire scalpel, as it allows better angulation, reduces bleeding and promotes subsequent healing.

Implantation of follicular units

In these cavities, the follicular units previously extracted individually are implanted. This completes the capillary graft and begins the postoperative.

Sanitary placing the tape after hair transplantation to a patient

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