Health team performing a hair graft with body hair
May 6th 2024

Hair transplant with body hair: Does it give good results?

Hair transplant is currently one of the most demanded interventions to recover hair that was lost due to alopecia. However, not everyone is suitable for this intervention since they do not have enough donor area to carry it out. It is for this reason that more and more people ask about hair grafting with body hair, but does it give the same results?

En Hospital Capilar We resolve all doubts about hair implants. With hair clinic in Madrid, Murcia and Pontevedra, we tell you in our blog capillary everything you need to know about hair grafting with body hair. Its viable? Does it offer good results? Next!

Is it feasible to perform a hair transplant with body hair?

The truth is that the capillary graft with body hair is viable and this method is known as Body Hair Transplant. To carry it out, use the FUE technique, Follicular Unit Extraction, through which the necessary follicles are extracted, in this case from different areas of the body, and grafted onto the area affected by baldness.

In the capillary graft with body hair, the follicular units are usually extracted from areas such as the chest, beard and even back, depending on each patient. This hair implant technique requires an exhaustive prior examination in which the compatibility of the body hair with the hair is studied, taking into account the density, thickness and the number of follicular units that could be extracted. Once the capillary analysis, the intervention would proceed.

Extraction of follicular units from the donor area

As we have mentioned, the capillary graft with body hair is performed with the FUE technique. Thus, the team extracts the follicular units one by one with a punch with a micromotor and places them in Petri dishes for better conservation. The difference with the conventional implant is that the donor area goes from being the occipital area of ​​the head to a part of the body such as the chest or back. 

Crown capillary graft in Hospital Capilar

Making incisions in the area affected by baldness

Once the follicles have been extracted, the doctor proceeds to make the incisions in the area affected by the alopecia. It is in these cavities where the previously extracted follicular units are implanted.

Implantation of the extracted follicles

The last step with which the surgery is concluded is the implantation of the follicles. Once finished, the patient can return home normally, always taking into account the pertinent medical indications to follow a good postoperative.

Body Hair Transplant: Does hair grafting with body hair give good results?

Hair grafting with body hair is viable and is practiced today, but is it just as effective? Are the results as natural as with conventional hair transplant?

The Body Hair Transplant is not a method that is practiced in all hair clinics for a simple reason: the results. It is true that it offers good results since the patient will see hair in those areas where she stopped having it, but their aesthetics will not be as natural as when that implanted hair belongs to the scalp.

Keep in mind that body or facial hair is not the same as the hair we have on our heads. The length, density, thickness and even color may vary, so the results of the hair graft with body hair may not be what the patient expects. For this reason, in Hospital Capilar we do not practice Body Hair Transplant, since we would not comply 100% with our commitment to satisfy our patients.

Man before and after hair transplant

Your hair graft with FUE technique in Hospital Capilar

The results of a hair implant are effective, permanent and natural. Achieving the expected change depends largely on the medical team in charge of the intervention. In Hospital Capilar We have expert professionals who will respond to your needs.