Health team performing a hair graft on the hairline
6th October 2023

Hair transplant in the hairline: Is it effective?

Female alopecia is a real problem that affects many women in our country. When hair loss occurs with the appearance of hairless areas, it is important to solve it as soon as possible since the effects may increase. This lack of hair in women most often begins at the hairline. Thus, we begin to realize that the line is getting wider and lighter. When this happens, the capillary graft in the hairline is the best solution. Why? How is it done?

In the blog de Hospital Capilar, an expert clinic in hair grafting in Madrid, Murcia and Pontevedra, we will tell you about the hairline grafting procedure and how effective the results are. Next!

What does the capillary graft in the hairline consist of?

According to Lugwig scale, an instrument by which the degrees of alopecia in women, progressive hair loss due to alopecia begins, according to our doctors, precisely in the hair part. This begins to widen and, when not treated in time, total hair loss occurs in the entire frontoparietal region.

Before the effects of female alopecia become almost irremediable, or complex to treat, it is essential to go to a hair clinic in Spain where you can receive a medical diagnosis in order to receive medical hair treatment aimed at stopping hair loss. When there is already lack of hair in the hairline, that is, the hair follicles in that area have been destroyed, hair treatments will not cause hair to grow back. The only way to get hair back in these cases is with the capillary graft in the hairline.

Next, we will tell you what the procedure of a capillary graft in the hairline consists of.

Capillary analysis

The first thing that is carried out before a capillary graft in the hairline is the capillary analysis. This trichological examination is mainly used to determine the feasibility of the intervention based on the state of health of the scalp, quality of the native hair and estimation of the follicular units to be implanted.

If the expert doctors in hair grafting assess the hairline graft surgery as suitable, the patient begins the preoperative

Hair Redensification Treatment en Hospital Capilar

Shaving the donor area

The capillary graft in the hairline is performed with the technique DHI and it is not necessary to shave the entire head, only a small area at the nape of the neck where the follicular units necessary to redensify the hairline will be extracted.

It is essential to proceed with the shaving since the hair must be with an approximate length of 1 or 2 millimeters para on extracción.

Application of local anesthesia

After shaving, the patient enters our operating rooms and the medical team provides anesthesia. The use of general anesthesia is not necessary, since it is a minimally invasive intervention, only local anesthesia is used.

This phase is the only one that causes some pain in patients. For this reason, in Hospital Capilar, hair transplant clinic in Spain, we have the pre-anesthesia through which we manage to considerably reduce the pain of the application of the anesthesia itself.

Follicle Extraction

Once the area is asleep, the health team proceeds to extract the follicular units estimated by the doctors. This is done individually with a punch with micromotor, which leaves no visible scars and prevents possible damage to the hair follicle.

As the follicular units are extracted, they are placed in Petri dishes for better preservation.

Implantation of follicles in the hairline

The last step with which the hairline graft surgery is concluded is the implantation of those extracted follicles. Once this step is finished, the patient can return normally to her home following the postoperative rules provided by the medical team.

Is hair grafting the best solution to redensify the hairline?

Alopecia in women usually begins with the loss of hair thickness, mainly in the parting area. When that thinning gives way to the destruction of the hair follicles, the hair will not grow back naturally. The only way to see ourselves with hair in that area again is with the hair implant.

The results of this intervention are natural, since leaves no visible scars, and are definitely given a year after the hair transplant. However, 6 months after surgery the first changes can be seen.

Capillary implant in the extraction phase of follicular units

Redensifies the hairline in Hospital Capilar

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