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Eyebrow graft in Murcia: What to keep in mind

Eyebrows are one of the main elements of the face that provide expressiveness and personality. Sometimes, factors such as excessive hair removal, lack of hair growth or the development of alopecia can affect its aesthetics. To give it the shape we want and cover bald spots on the eyebrows, most people opt for hair simulation techniques such as microblading. However, more and more men and women come to consultation asking about eyebrow implants, mainly because of the durability and naturalness of the results that it offers. If you are thinking about having an eyebrow graft in Murcia, it is advisable to take into account a series of aspects to understand in depth the process of this technique and, above all, know how to choose a hair clinic to safely perform the eyebrow graft in Murcia. and guarantees. ullamco, what do you say, things are very bad.

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Health team performing an eyebrow graft in Murcia

How is an eyebrow graft performed?

El eyebrow graft It is an outpatient and minimally invasive surgery that lasts approximately 4 hours. Once the intervention is completed, the patient can return home normally, so hospitalization is not required.

In an eyebrow implant, the hair from the head is used to give shape and density to the eyebrows. To do this, a prior study of the patient is carried out in which medical specialists assess the feasibility of the intervention, as well as the number of Hair follicles that will need to be extracted to achieve an optimal result. Although it will depend on each patient, for an eyebrow graft approximately 1000 follicular units, as established by the team of doctors Hospital Capilar.

On the day of the intervention and once the eyebrow design has been agreed upon, a small area of ​​the patient's scalp is shaved as a window, which will go unnoticed with the length of the hair itself. This is necessary to extract the hair follicles. The surgery is not painful, since local anesthesia is used to avoid any type of discomfort.

Once both the area from which the follicles are to be extracted, or the donor area, and the eyebrows are anesthetized, the extraction begins. This is carried out with a punch with micromotor where the estimated follicular units are extracted one by one leaving no visible scars. As they are extracted, health workers place the follicles in Petri dishes for preservation, and begin to separate, study and cut them in order to implant the follicles that contribute the most naturalness to the final result.

The surgeon makes the incisions in the eyebrows with a sapphire scalpel, and it is in these small channels where the hair follicles are implanted one by one with tweezers. With the latter, the eyebrow graft is completed and the patient can return to his home, always taking into account the medical indications to comply with a good postoperative.  

Results of an eyebrow graft: Are they forever?

The main reason why more and more people are deciding on eyebrow implants as a solution to their lack of density is, precisely, the results that this method offers. By using the patient's own hair to cover the eyebrows, The results are more natural than those of other techniques that simulate hair with ink. Furthermore, the results of eyebrow grafting are long-lasting and, if all the instructions provided by the medical team are followed, they will be definitive. Contrary to what happens in other methods that every so often you have to review or perform the technique again.

In short, naturalness and durability are the two main characteristics of the results offered by eyebrow implants.

Design phase in an eyebrow graft in men

How to choose a clinic to perform an eyebrow graft in Murcia

As we have mentioned previously, eyebrow transplantation is a surgery that, although it is outpatient and minimally invasive, requires certain requirements for the intervention to be a success. This technique is only performed in hair clinics authorized for it, and it is very important to know how to choose from these clinics if you want to perform the eyebrow graft in Murcia with safety, confidence and ease.

Below we give you a series of aspects that it is advisable to take into account when deciding where to have your eyebrow graft done in Murcia.

medical professionals

They need to be doctors who are experts in hair surgery those who carry out the intervention, together with a health team with nursing and nursing assistants. Making sure that they are experienced doctors is important, since we will put ourselves in their hands and they will be mainly responsible for the final result of the eyebrow implant. Therefore, it is convenient to know the medical team of each hair clinic, information that we can normally find on their websites.

Good installations

That hair clinic Having specific operating rooms for hair surgeries with everything necessary to perform the intervention successfully is key. And, although it is not common for any type of inconvenience to occur, it is advisable to ensure that they have monitoring systems and other types of equipment to control vital signs and stabilize the patient if necessary.

Hair clinic experience in eyebrow grafts

The hair clinic's own experience in eyebrow graft surgeries is essential. To verify this experience we can look at before and after cases of patients who have undergone eyebrow grafting in Murcia and evaluate their results.

Real patient experience

We must keep in mind that eyebrow grafting does not only consist of surgery as such, but it is a process where we must go to clinic treatments and follow a series of medical guidelines. All of this requires medical advice and consultations, and, in this sense, it is key that they are pleasant professionals, that they give you facilities and resolve all your doubts to have a good experience in your eyebrow graft in Murcia. To verify that patient care, follow-up and the entire process in general, we can review the reviews of the hair clinics in Murcia where real patients tell their experiences, both good and bad. A clinic with plenty of positive reviews is a good indicator that we will be in good hands.

Eyebrow implant price  

Although the price of eyebrow grafting is not what defines the quality of a clinic, it is an important aspect to take into account since this surgery represents an economic effort for most. Normally, the price of eyebrow implants is between 2.000 and 3.000 euros. That the hair clinic has payment facilities such as financing or offers is a positive aspect that will help us take the step.

Hair adviser showing the different packages of hair graft closed price to a patient

Your eyebrow graft in the hands of experts

En Hospital Capilar Murcia you will find a team of professionals with whom you can achieve results that live up to your expectations. In addition, we will accompany you throughout your entire process from start to finish. Request your free medical diagnosis and take the step!


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