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December 20th 2021

Mustache graft: How is the intervention?

The mustache is an element that is increasingly fashionable among men. Along with the beard, it is key in the aesthetics of our face. Sometimes it does not develop fully or with the density that we would like and we tend to shave it. However, today it is possible to solve this problem thanks to the mustache graft: How is the intervention? We give you all the information below!

What is the mustache graft?

A mustache graft is a minimally invasive intervention that does not require hospitalization. It consists of the extraction of the necessary follicular units from the lower area of ​​the neck to later implant them in the area to be treated.

El medical equipment carries out a preliminary design taking into account the opinion and preferences of the patient. Once carried out and agreed upon, it enters the operating room.

Shaving the donor area

The first thing that is carried out in a mustache and / or beard graft is the shaving of the donor area. To be able to extract and implant without putting the health of the follicles at risk, the hair must be approximately 1 or 2 millimeters long. In this sense, it is necessary to shave a small window in the lower area of ​​the neck to be able to proceed with the extraction. 

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Follicular unit extraction

Once the donor area has been shaved, the follicular units are extracted from that area with the FUE technique. To do this, use is made of a punch with micromotor and, one by one, they are extracted.

When the follicular units are extracted, they are placed in Petri dishes to keep them in the best conditions.

Implantation in the area to be treated

Once the extraction phase is finished, the surgeon in charge of the intervention proceeds to make the incisions in the mustache area. This is an exercise in precision on the part of the medical team.

The previously extracted follicular units are implanted in these small cavities. And, after completing the implantation phase, the surgery is terminated and the hair graft postoperative.

When do you see the results of a mustache graft?

One of the most worrying questions about mustache and beard grafting is when the results will be visible. The truth is definitive results are given one year after surgery, although after six months the first changes can already be observed.

Comply with a correct postoperative period and carry out each and every one of the recommendations given by the medical team is essential to obtain the best results. Otherwise, we will put the survival of the grafts at risk and complications may occur in the recovery process.

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