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6th September 2021

Can a hair graft have side effects?

Many people wonder what happens after the hair graft, what the recovery will be like after the intervention and if they will have to face discomfort, as well as if a hair graft can have side effects.

Here we tell you what is the worst thing that could happen to you even if you suffered a side effect. 

Possible side effects after a hair transplant

A hair graft does not bring adverse effects that can affect the patient in an extremely annoying way. If it is true that as in any intervention, we must pay attention that certain problems are under control and do not pose a danger. 

Scalp infection at the incisions

In case of giving a folliculitis As a side effect after the hair transplant, we must keep in mind that it is something temporary and that it does not usually become a problem for the new grafted hair, since the medical team during the postoperative will advise you how to treat any infection that may occur.

In case it appears, you should consult it immediately with our team so that they can tell you how to act and avoid that, if it persists, it can cause any complications.

FUE technique in a hair graft

Swelling of the area

Like any intervention in which any type of incision is made, it is completely normal to have the area slightly inflamed or swollen during the first days. However, this is not something we should worry about as it is common after a hair transplant.


Hen/Stag scabs that are created on the scalp in the days after the hair transplant due to the healing of the surgical incisions that have been carried out during the intervention. 

These scabs do not pose any problem, since our team advises each patient on how to wash the scalp at home and later, in the 10-day cure, in the wash performed in the clinic, the scabs that may remain after the washings that the patient is doing at home are removed with great care. 

Shock Loss after a hair transplant

Around a month, and even before, after surgery, the grafted hair and even the own hair can suffer a fall that falls within normality and after which the hair will grow normally and the results of the hair graft can begin to be seen. This process is known as shock loss.

Fall of the follicles that have been grafted

It is important to be careful and comply with the postoperative rules that the medical team indicates to us since in this way we will be protecting the grafted follicles from a possible fall due to carelessness or poor maintenance of the graft.

Do these hair graft side effects last long?

The postoperative period has different duration depending on the patient and their characteristics.

A hair graft usually takes a year to show its final results, being 18 months in the case of the crown.

However, these side effects that we have talked about usually disappear between the first and fourth month depending on the cases.

How is a hair graft

Benefits of a hair graft

As we have seen, the side effects that a hair graft can bring with it are not serious nor do they have to affect the final result at all.

As if that were not enough, there are many benefits that the hair graft brings with it, some of these being:

  • Improved self-esteem.
  • Increased patient safety.
  • Complex resolution.

Is a hair graft worth it?

Without a doubt, when the condition of the alopecia allows it, the hair graft is the best option to recover the lost hair in a definitive way. 

Hospital Capilar offers you a postoperative that seeks the least possible discomfort

En Hospital Capilar We inform each patient from the first phase of the hair graft process so that they know what to expect from each moment of the process and how they should act before it.

In addition to giving you detailed information on how you should carry out the postoperative period, the medical team will be at your disposal whenever you need it to ask all your questions or so that they can determine how the healing of the donor and recipient areas is progressing.

We will also recommend the best treatments to maintain your native hair once you have performed the hair graft. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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Your hair diagnosis at no cost

Are you thinking of undergoing a hair graft and want us to see your case in a personalized way? On Hospital Capilar we are at your fingertips to give you all the information.



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