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March 22th 2024

Benefits of a hair implant in Spain

Although for years hair transplantation in Turkey was the most demanded, more and more people choose to perform this type of intervention in Spain. This is due to various advantages that this country offers related to safety, health and optimal results of hair surgery. Knowing the benefits of a hair implant in Spain can be very useful if we still don't know whether to opt for Turkey or do it in our country. 

Below we will tell you all the benefits of a hair transplant in Spain. It is no longer necessary to travel long distances to undergo hair surgery!

Why have surgery in Spain?

The hair implant has become one of the most demanded surgical interventions today. It is a technique that offers successful results and is consolidated as the only method by which it is possible to recover hair that has fallen due to alopecia. In this context, Spain is configured as one of the countries with the largest number of reference hair clinics. What used to be only done in Turkey can now be found close to home. 

Knowing the different benefits of a hair transplant in Spain is key when choosing where to perform this treatment. This is a crucial decision since, to a large extent, the success of the results and patient satisfaction will depend on it. In Spain you will find the following advantages. 

Quality of services

Spanish healthcare is one of the best in the world, also being the third country with the highest life expectancy. This makes Spain a country that provides guarantees and confidence when undergoing surgery. In addition, in this country we have strict health protocols that guarantee correct performance of the entire surgical process to avoid any type of complication. 

High-level infrastructures 

Spain is also one of the countries with the best health infrastructure, which makes it a country where it is possible to treat and cure a large number of diseases or ailments. Not having deficiencies in this aspect allows it to continue growing and evolving in the health sector, which translates into a constant improvement in terms of hair graft techniques. 

Renowned medical staff 

Spanish universities are in constant technological innovation and together with the quality of teaching, professionals who go to the health sector are the best trained. In addition, we have specific training plans in medicine and hair surgery, achieving greater specialization of our medical professionals

Closeness and comfort 

For those who are residents of the country, there is nothing more comfortable than being able to have a hair graft done without having to travel long distances. Knowing that very close to home you can perform your hair graft surgery or undergo Treatments, is a decisive aspect to opt for Spain. 

For international patients who come from outside Spain, it is also attractive to travel to this country since it has a great tourist offer for all tastes. This phenomenon of patients who go to have their hair surgery done in Spain and, later, take advantage of the trip to visit iconic cities in the country is known as hair tourism

Postoperative facilities

Grafting in Spain allows monitoring postoperative exhaustive in which the doctors provide you with constant advice in the face of any doubt or query that the patient may have. In addition, it is very useful and comfortable to be able to carry out the necessary cures and disinfections close to home. 

Where to have a hair graft in Spain

With the aim of offering an impeccable hair service and bringing medicine and hair surgeries closer together, Hospital Capilar. We currently already have a presence in three autonomous communities: Galicia, Murcia and Madrid. However, our expansion project has only just begun. We are firmly committed to bringing our services as close as possible to patients and ensuring that they do not have to worry about booking plane or train tickets.

En Hospital Capilar we have three hair graft packages, which are differentiated by the extras they add to the hair graft process. These three packs ensure that each patient can adjust their surgery to her budget and in this way the hair graft fits her pocket. Not only do we want to make it easy when it comes to getting around, but we also offer highly competitive prices that are great value for money.

In addition, in our clinics we have professionals who love their work and are involved in each case. They accompany the patient throughout the hair transplant process and will always be available to answer any questions that may arise.

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Trust the experience of Hospital Capilar

Thinking of doing your hair implant in Spain? In Hospital Capilar you will find the professionalism and experience that will make you achieve successful results. Request your medical diagnosis at no cost and put yourself in the hands of experts.