Natural chamomile and chamomile infusion
May 7th 2024

Is chamomile for hair beneficial?

Opting for home remedies to take care of hair is an increasingly growing trend. Using homemade masks or serums based on plants with medicinal properties is usually the most common. In this sense, it is said that chamomile for hair is beneficial to take care of our hair health, but is this true? To what extent can chamomile be an ally to promote hair quality?

In the blog de Hospital Capilar, professionals in hair medicine with a hair clinic in Madrid, Murcia and Pontevedra, we tell you everything you need to know about chamomile for hair. Take note!

Uses of chamomile for hair

Chamomile is a highly demanded plant for its various health benefits. It is a good ally to facilitate digestion, helps us relax and we can even benefit from its anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, chamomile for hair is said to be beneficial as it helps to achieve higher quality hair. This is why more and more people opt for homemade masks based on this medicinal plant and apply it regularly to their hair.

Here we tell you the advantages attributed to chamomile for hair.   

Facilitates dandruff removal

Chamomile is said to provide a deep cleansing of the scalp. In addition, it facilitates the elimination of dandruff and eliminates the sensation of itching thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Leaves hair shinier

Thanks to the deep cleansing provided by applying chamomile to the hair topically, the hair is shinier. This makes hair visibly healthier and of higher quality.

Nourishes hair

Another advantage attributed to chamomile in regards to hair care is that it provides greater nutrition. The direct consequence of this is that a considerable improvement in the structure of the hair is achieved, softening it and reducing frizz.

lightens the hair  

In the same way that chamomile lightens hair, so does chamomile. If we use chamomile as a serum, the hair bleaches naturally and can reach a few lighter tones.

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Is chamomile for hair really beneficial?

After knowing the properties attributed to this medicinal plant, we can ask ourselves to what extent chamomile is beneficial for hair. Is it true that it cares for and promotes hair quality or is it just another hair myth?

The truth is that applying chamomile to the hair will in no case harm us, on the contrary, it is beneficial and helps to take care of the hair and keep it in good condition. However, in no case is it recommended to replace specific hair products that take care of our hair with home remedies such as the use of chamomile topically.

In short, chamomile for hair is beneficial for hair health but they do not replace hair products specifically formulated for each hair type.

How to take care of hair in depth: hair treatments

On certain occasions we can notice that our hair is not what it was before: it has lost quality, unusual hair loss, lack of density and hair miniaturization These are some of the effects that we can notice that harm hair health. When this happens, chamomile for hair is not enough. In these cases it is advisable to go to a hair clinic to receive a medical diagnosis in time.

En Hospital Capilar, in addition to capillary grafting in Madrid, Murcia and Pontevedra, we have hair treatments with medically proven efficacy to stop hair loss, promote its quality and gain density.  

Capillary Regeneration Treatment or CRT

El Capillary Regeneration Treatment, or CRT, consists of extracting blood from the patient, which is centrifuged, separating the platelet cells from the rest of the blood components. In this way we obtain the rich growth factors, which are applied directly to the scalp through practically painless microinjections.

This hair treatment encourages hair regeneration, hair growth and slows down hair loss.

Hair Redensification Treatment or HRT

El Hair Redensification Treatment, or HRT, is another of the hair treatments without the need for hair removal surgery. Hospital Capilar. It consists of the dermoinfiltration of drugs adapted to the patient with vitamins through microinjections in the scalp. It is a treatment aimed at stopping hair loss, especially in case of androgenic alopecias.

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En Hospital Capilar we take care of your hair

A previous capillary analysis is the key to opt for the best treatment in each particular case. In Hospital Capilar We have an expert medical team with whom you can solve all your doubts. Request your free medical diagnosis and put yourself in the best hands!