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May 7th 2024

Do pigtails cause hair loss?

There are many factors that can cause hair loss such as genetic inheritance, hormonal activity or stress, among others. However, some of our daily habits can also negatively affect hair health. Among these habits we find the way to comb our hair, especially in long hair. In this sense, do pigtails cause hair loss? To what extent do these types of hairstyles affect hair health?

En Hospital Capilar we give you all the answers. With a hair clinic in Madrid, Murcia and Pontevedra, we are experts in medicine and hair surgeries such as hair grafting. Below we will tell you how these hairstyles affect hair and if it is really true that pigtails cause hair loss.

How do pigtails affect hair?

Although normally the most notable and common capillary losses are derived from some type of alopecia, usually of hormonal, genetic or autoimmune origin, if we do not take care of our hair correctly we can notice a moderate fall. Frequently wearing certain hairstyles, especially suspenders, can also be the source of noticeable hair loss.

Our doctors specializing in hair medicine They assure that pigtails are a hairstyle that generates some traction on the hair. This causes the hair shafts to be under tension, especially in the areas of the temples, forehead and sideburns. This, in turn, causes the hair to break and therefore fall, and even in people who overuse the ponytails with greater tension, the follicle ends up so damaged that what is known as traction alopecia. In this sense, yes, it could be said that pigtails cause hair loss.

Not all ponytails are the same. There is a wide variety of hairstyles with pigtails today but, ultimately, we could distinguish two types, each one with a certain impact on hair health.

Tension Free Low Ponytails

Low ponytails that don't produce the usual hair pain nor do they pull excessively, they do not usually affect the hair. This type of casual up-do is a good option if we want to have our hair removed practically every day without harming our hair health.

tight pigtails

When we say that pigtails cause hair loss, we mainly refer to those that stress the hair. Very tight high ponytails, which have been in trend lately, occasionally do not imply significant aggression. However, when they are used almost daily there is a risk of developing traction alopecia. The main symptoms of this type of alopecia are loss of density on the first line, a feeling of relief when undoing the hairstyle and even redness and inflammation of the scalp.

Is hair loss from wearing pigtails reversible?

When hair loss through pigtails gives way to a lack of density on the temples and front line, these are symptoms of traction alopecia. When this is treated in time, mainly by stopping this type of hairstyle, hair loss is reversible and hair will grow again.. However, in the most serious cases where despite presenting hair loss and areas without density, tight ponytails continue to be used, the hair follicles end up being damaged and the hair that falls may not grow back.

Tips to avoid traction alopecia

Pigtails cause notable hair loss when there is an almost daily tendency to wear them excessively tight. In the most serious cases, as we have previously mentioned, traction alopecia can develop. To avoid it, it is enough to take into account a series of aspects in our day to day.

Preferably wear your hair loose

It is recommended, especially in people with long hair, to prefer to wear loose hair. In this way there is no type of tension in the scalp that could harm the hair follicles and cause hair loss.

Alternate with stress-free hairstyles

In cases where we have to keep our hair removed from the face, it is advisable to alternate tighter up-dos with tension-free hairstyles. The most casual up-dos that do not put excessive stress on the scalp are a very good option to keep the hair removed from the face without excessively damaging the hair follicles.

Avoid extensions

Extensions and rollers are accessories that pull the hair. It is advisable to avoid its use to reduce possible hair loss.

Brush wet hair gently

When the hair is wet it is more fragile and there is a greater possibility of breakage. This is why it is essential that the detangling of wet hair is as gentle as possible.

Reduce the use of lacquers or gels

The abusive use of fixing hair products such as lacquers or gels degrade the quality of the hair shaft and worsen the cuticle, mainly due to their chemical components. When there is no proper washing of the hair after use, these products clog the pores of the follicles, which can accelerate hair loss.

Case of androgenetic alopecia in women

Excessive hair loss? consult in Hospital Capilar

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