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Hair massages for alopecia: Are they effective?

Currently there are many natural remedies that are presented as alternatives to stop hair loss. Among the most notorious we can find those known as capillary massages to which multiple benefits for hair health are attributed. It is said that hair massages for alopecia are really effective and help stop hair loss. But is this true?

In the blog de Hospital Capilar, an expert clinic in medicine and hair surgeries, we tell you everything you need to know about the Hair massages for alopecia: Are they really effective?

What do hair massages consist of?

Hair massages consist of massaging the entire scalp with the fingertips, thus achieving relaxation of the entire area. These gentle continuous movements on the head cause the blood vessels to dilate, improving circulation. Thus the arrival of nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles is facilitated.

This method of capillary massage is also used with the aim of achieving greater penetration of hair care products. Thus, it is always recommended that all those topical products that are applied to the scalp be accompanied by a light massage so that their properties penetrate better.

Ultimately, Capillary massages contribute to the proper functioning of the scalp, achieving better blood circulation in the area.. This keeps the hair follicles nourished, oxygenated and, consequently, in better condition.

Is it true that hair massages are beneficial for alopecia?

Various benefits such as those mentioned above are attributed to this type of hair care method. But, are hair massages for alopecia effective in curbing hair loss?

The truth is that hair massages for alopecia are not the best option to end the effects of this pathology. Hair massages contribute to healthier and stronger hair, but, according to our doctors, in no case do they serve as the sole and isolated treatment of androgenic alopecia, the most common of all. Depending on the type of alopecia In any case, one treatment or another must be resorted to, so prior diagnosis by a qualified medical team is essential.

Although capillary massages are not the solution to alopecia or intense hair loss, it is recommended as a complementary treatment to others. Massaging the scalp is beneficial and has various properties for hair health, always supervised by a professional. 

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Effective treatments to stop hair loss

Faced with unusual hair loss, it is highly recommended to go to an expert hair clinic to determine the cause and, thus, apply the best treatment in each case. Diagnosing alopecia in time is essential to avoid seeing areas of the head without hair.

Depending on the previous diagnosis, you can opt for various treatments to stop hair loss. In Hospital Capilar we have the most innovative and effective so that your hair is in the best possible condition.

Capillary Regeneration Treatment or CRT

El Capillary Regeneration Treatment, or CRT, is one of the most effective hair regrowth treatments available today. With it, it is possible to avoid hair miniaturization while strengthening it.

This treatment consists of extracting a small amount of blood, which is subsequently subjected to a centrifugation process. In this way, platelet cells are separated from the rest of the blood components. The platelets, through a closed circuit that does not come into contact with the outside, are injected directly into the scalp through virtually painless microinjections.

Hair Redensification Treatment or HRT

El Hair Redensification Treatment, or HRT, is a treatment that combines mesotherapy with drugs adapted to each patient. By means of microinjections in the scalp, vitamins and drugs are applied that stop hair loss, treating it from the inside.

Hair graft, the definitive solution to baldness

When alopecia has advanced and hair no longer grows in certain areas of the head, the only way to recover it again is with the hair graft.

It is a minimally invasive and outpatient intervention in which the follicular units are extracted from the donor area and, once extracted, they are implanted in the areas affected by baldness. The results offered by this technique are given a year after the intervention, although the first results can already be seen after six months.

Platelet Rich Plasma

Take care of your hair in Hospital Capilar

A correct capillary diagnosis in time is essential to stop the advance of alopecia. In Hospital Capilar You will find an expert medical and health team that will answer all your questions and guide you throughout your process. Request your hair diagnosis at no cost and put yourself in the best hands!



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