Man with a mask after a beard graft
January 25, 2023

Mask after a beard graft: when to use it?

The beard implant is one of the increasingly widespread techniques today to achieve the desired beard density. It is a safe and ambulatory surgical intervention that requires certain care, especially during the first months after its completion. In this context, the use of a mask after a beard graft is one of the most frequent questions in this regard.

Is it viable to use the mask after a beard graft? When can we use it again? In it blog de Hospital Capilar We tell you everything you need to know about beard grafting and mask, as well as other aspects that you should take into account after the beard implant.

Use of a mask after a beard implant: Is it feasible?

El beard graft with FUE technique It is a minimally invasive surgery in which the necessary follicular units are extracted from the lower area of ​​the patient's neck and implanted in the beard according to the design previously chosen by the patient. After this, certain care is necessary and follow the beard transplant postoperative guidelines provided by the medical team to avoid possible complications and achieve optimal results.

Regarding the use of a mask after a beard graft, it is contraindicated the first days after surgery. That is to say, you can not use the mask after a beard implant. We can resume their use once a minimum of two weeks have elapsed and, preferably, they are hygienic or surgical masks to avoid excessive pressure in the area. On the contrary, the implanted follicles will be seriously compromised due to the rubbing of the mask, being able to detach, even, causing infections such as a folliculitis.  

What to keep in mind after a beard graft

Just as the use of a mask after a beard graft is not viable, it is essential to take into account another series of factors that can affect the final aesthetic result of the beard transplant. The medical team of Hospital Capilar, in any case, will resolve all doubts that may arise both during the preoperative period of the beard implant and in the postoperative period.

Do not touch the beard during the first days

At the end of the beard implant surgery, it is really important to avoid contact with the area. The beard will be especially sensitive and with the newly implanted follicular units, so any rubbing, blow or aggressive manipulation can seriously compromise the correct evolution of the results. As the mask involves constant friction with the beard, its use is not recommended during the first weeks of recovery.

Keep your beard clean and hydrated

Following the post-surgical care recommended by the medical team in the clinic is essential to avoid the development of infections that could seriously compromise the final result. To do this, we must proceed with the beard washes as specified by the medical team of Hospital Capilar, as well as keeping the area hydrated using the thermal spray about every two hours. During the first days it is possible to notice certain discomforts such as itching or stinging, frequent use of the thermal spray will calm this discomfort.

Avoid drinking tea, coffee and alcohol

For at least a week you must avoid the consumption of certain substances such as alcohol, tea or coffee. In addition, it is important to reduce tobacco use as much as possible.

not do sports

Excessive sweating during the first days after the beard graft causes the development of certain infections. Thus, you cannot play sports during the first month after surgery, it could be resumed after 15 days as long as it is of mild intensity and does not involve sweating or direct contact with the beard.

Avoid direct sun exposure

Another issue to take into account to achieve optimal results from the beard implant is to avoid sun exposure as much as possible. After the beard graft we will have small wounds that with the incidence of the sun can form dark spots, so it is essential to avoid it.

Process of a beard graft in Madrid

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