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June 3th, 2024

Best hair transplant clinics in Spain: How to choose?

The capillary implant has become one of the most demanded aesthetic interventions today. This is mainly due to the good results offered by this method. But, as in everything, mistakes are also made and the results may not be as expected. That is why it is important to assess between the hair clinics and find the one that best suits our needs. And, for this reason, we tell you what you should take into account to choose among the best hair transplant clinics in Spain.

Not only for a hair transplant, but also for hair treatments or eyebrow or beard implants, it is important to put ourselves in good hands. We must not forget that, although ambulatory, are surgical interventions. If you do not know very well what aspects to look for to choose among the best hair transplant clinics in Spain, take note. In the blog de Hospital Capilar We tell you what we consider most relevant when choosing where to have your hair transplant done.

Aspects to take into account when choosing a hair clinic in Spain

Hair transplant with FUE technique is the perfect method to recover hair lost by a alopecia. We can resort to hair treatments without surgery to stabilize alopecia and recover thickness, but the only way to get hair back in those areas where it no longer grows naturally is with a hair implant.

The results are natural, it does not leave visible scars and they are given a year after the intervention. To meet the patient's expectations, a capillary analysis where the viability of the surgery is determined, as well as medical data such as the number of follicular units to be extracted or the design of the recipient area to be treated.

This process is usually common in all hair clinics by protocol, but what can we look at to see which are the best hair transplant clinics in Spain?

An expert medical team

Putting yourself in good hands is essential to achieve the best results. Having an experienced medical team in hair surgeries is key, not only to achieve aesthetic results but to be perfectly controlled and safe during surgery. In the face of any unforeseen event, the doctors will take care of you.

We can consult the number of doctors, as well as their experience, normally on the hair clinic's own websites. In the case of Hospital Capilar, we put at your disposal all the relevant information about our medical team.

Positive reviews from real patients

Knowing real experiences of other patients who attended each clinic is a good indicator and you can get an idea of ​​how they treat patients, as well as the degree of satisfaction of each one of them. We can consult this in the Google profile of each hair clinic.

In cases where negative reviews abound in terms of results or personal experiences, we must ask ourselves if that clinic is the right one.

Results of interventions

Another key aspect to know which are the best hair transplant clinics in Spain are the before and after cases of operated patients. There are times when an image is worth a thousand words, and it is with these photographs that we can verify the results obtained by the patients who undergo surgery in each hair clinic. 

operating theaters Hospital Capilar Madrid

state-of-the-art facilities

Going in person to the hair clinic in question is also important. It is at that moment where we can check if it is what we were looking for or if, on the contrary, it does not fit our personal needs.

That the clinic has good facilities, clean, disinfected and with cutting-edge material is another point that we must take into account. We must be aware that a capillary graft usually lasts 8 hours, and during all that time we will remain in the operating room. Seeing what the operating theaters are like or if they have entertainment systems to liven up the day can also give us an idea of ​​which are the best hair transplant clinics in Spain.

Patient care and postoperative follow-up

Before the hair transplant we must comply with a series of previous steps that fall within the preoperative, in order to guarantee that complications do not occur during surgery. This is why quality patient care, where there is a direct communication channel with our personal advisor, as well as with the medical team, to resolve all doubts is essential.

We must also take into account that after the intervention it is necessary to comply with a good postoperative for best results. During this process, many doubts will arise that, depending on the hair clinic, we will be able to solve at the moment. In addition, it is also necessary to consult if with the capillary graft surgery pertinent cures are included in person at the clinic.

En Hospital Capilar not only do the corresponding cures, but we give our patients the Hair Revolution Box with all the necessary hair products both before and after the intervention, as well as manuals with the most frequent doubts.

Ease of payment

Hair transplant surgery may not be for everyone. Check if they exist different prices that fit our needs, as well as ease of payment, such as financing can be of great help to us in facing the payment.

Does a hair graft hurt?

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