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June 3th, 2024

Best hair transplant clinics in Madrid: How to choose?

The capillary implant in Spain has become one of the most demanded surgical interventions today to put an end to baldness. As shown by the rate of alopecia in Spain, there are many people who suffer some type of alopecia and, for the most part, it usually accompanies significant lack of self-esteem. This is why more and more people decide to resort to hair transplantation. Next, we will tell you everything you must take into account to choose from among the best hair transplant clinics in Madrid. 

What to keep in mind about a hair clinic in Madrid

Choosing the most suitable place to perform your hair transplant from among the best hair transplant clinics in Madrid is essential, since obtaining an optimal aesthetic result will largely depend on it. For this reason, from Hospital Capilar We give you the keys that it is advisable to take into account to choose safely from among the best hair transplant clinics in Madrid and put an end to alopecia. Take note!

Medical team experience

Despite being considered a minimally invasive outpatient intervention, The capillary graft is still a surgery that has to be performed and supervised by an expert medical team in the capillary sector.. Achieving aesthetic results that meet expectations is one of the priorities, but being safe and controlled by a doctor during the intervention is also very important.

It is advisable to look at the quality of the medical team, as well as their surgeries that we can normally consult on social network profiles. In this way we will be able to rule out and stay with the best hair transplant clinics in Madrid.

Hair transplant results from real patients

Another issue that is important for us to look at in order to evaluate which are the best hair transplant clinics in Madrid are the results of hair transplants in real patients. We can consult this, again, on your social networks, web, or even if we go in person to the hair clinic in question.

See them hair transplant results It is a good indicator to assess the quality of the interventions.

Modern facilities and equipment

Another of the recommended practices to decide which are the best hair transplant clinics in Madrid is, precisely, to go to them to also assess the clinic itself. Having modern and clean operating theaters is essential, but also having good equipment such as patient monitoring systems, entertainment systems in the operating room that make surgery or pre-anesthesia.  

Hair transplant in the clinic Hospital Capilar

Patient Care

Receiving good care from the people in charge of your case such as advisors, doctors and, in general, from the clinic staff is essential. Both before and after the capillary graft, it is very common for many doubts to arise about the preoperative or postoperative, among others. Resolving these types of queries quickly and efficiently is also an aspect to be valued.

On the other hand, the capillary graft itself lasts approximately 8 hours in which the patient remains awake and conscious at all times. In this sense, we will be grateful to have a pleasant and resolute healthcare team in the operating room, since we will spend many hours with them.

Postoperative follow-up

Hair transplantation does not only consist of the intervention itself. For a whole year from the intervention we will have to follow a postoperative period with its cures and pertinent medical check-ups. This is important to check what type of monitoring each hair clinic performs and if it is included in the intervention.

En Hospital Capilar We accompany you throughout your process until you receive medical discharge one year after the hair implant. Thus, you will have a direct communication channel with your personal adviser, medical review consultations, cures and disinfections and, depending on the hair graft package, hair treatments included. 

Real Patient Reviews

Looking at the reviews and score of the Google profile of the hair clinic in question is also a very good indicator to determine which are the best hair transplant clinics in Madrid. In that profile we will find real words and evaluations of patients who tried their services, thus being able to get an idea of ​​the quality of each clinic. 

Payment facilities   

The price of a hair graft can be an economic effort for patients. For this reason, it is also important that the capillary clinic has payment facilities such as the possibility of hair graft financing with good conditions. All these types of questions can be consulted with your expert hair advisor, as well as any other type of doubt that may arise.

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Your hair transplant in Madrid from expert hands

En Hospital Capilar You will find a team of professionals with whom to achieve aesthetic results that meet your expectations. Request your medical diagnosis at no cost and put yourself in the best hands.