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November 16th 2021

Discover the best phrases about hair: Did you know them all?

It is well known by all that in Spain we have many set phrases and sayings that we use frequently to express ourselves. If we stop to think, hair is very present in them and today in our blog we make you a compilation of the best phrases about hair: Did you know them all? 

The best phrases about the most used hair and their meaning

Just as throughout history people have been concerned with take care of the hairThis has also given rise to expressions that we have used to this day.

We use them so naturally that sometimes we don't even realize that they are set phrases or sayings. We have them very assimilated and we use them almost daily, but did you know where each one of them comes from? We give you all the information below. 

By the hair

"By little" or "almost" are the alternatives that we can use to "by the hair." It is a very widespread expression that we say when something did not happen to us for a little or, on the contrary, it did happen to us but we were on the verge of not doing it.

Among the phrases about hair, "by the hair" is one of the most used today. Its origin dates back to ancient sailors, and it is that before it was practically mandatory to wear a long hair to work on a boat. This is neither fashion nor uniform, but safety as it was thought that a sailor fallen overboard was much easier to get out of the water by grabbing his hair, which is why it was necessary to have long hair.

Pull the leg

Who has not ever resorted to this famous expression when we are the subject of ridicule? "Don't kid me" or "I was kidding you" are phrases that we use practically every day. But what is the reason for using it?

Before, among military circles the most veteran had to cut the hair of the newbies. This made the older ones laugh and mock the young aspirants. 

woman with braided hair

With hairs and signs

When we are going to tell a story or experience alluding to each and every one of its details, we are telling it “with hair and signs”.

This expression has its origin in police interrogations. When a witness was asked what the main suspect in a crime looked like, a description of the hair and possible scars or tattoos was usually requested. Hence, this expression is still used.

Hairs to the sea

Although from this compilation it is true that it is not usually the most used, "hairs to the sea" continues to be very present in our day to day. When we use it, we refer to ceasing to give importance to an issue that was the subject of discussion.

This expression was originally a tradition. In the old days, when two people ended an argument, they cut some hairs like those of the beard and, later, they threw them. It was at that moment when the dispute was officially over.

Not cut a hair

Among the best phrases about hair we find "do not cut a hair." Although we do not really know the origin of this expression, it is undeniable that we use it very often when we mean that a person is not ashamed to do something. 

orange-haired woman wearing black top flipping head backwards

Spiky hairs

When we see something that we are afraid or uneasy about, we rarely say “it makes my hair stand on end”. This expression undoubtedly enters the ranking of the best phrases about hair used today.

Its origin is not very mysterious. This expression began to be used due to the innate effect of our body to bristle body hair when we are afraid, something excites us or even when we are cold.

Without mincing words

When we speak without taboos or tell something as we think it is, we are expressing ourselves "without mincing it."

This expression derives from the fact that when we have an object on our tongue, no matter how small it is like a hair, it prevents us from speaking correctly. Therefore, when we express ourselves freely, it is understood that we have nothing that prevents us from telling something as it is.

Comes to the hair

Among the best phrases about hair whose origin comes from animals is that of "comes to hair." We use this expression when something happens at the right time.

As we said, its origin is animal, specifically from mammal hair. When we stroke an animal against the grain, the sensation is rougher and more unpleasant, while if we do it to the sense of the hair, we notice that it is much softer. This is where the phrase "comes to the hair" is born.

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