hairstyle with scarf for summer
June 15th, 2023

The best hairstyles with scarves for this summer: Which one is your favorite?

Summer is here and with it the new trends in hairstyles. With the sunniest season of the year, many people choose to add touches of color to their hairstyles by adding an accessory as simple as a scarf. In this way, a different look is achieved, ideal for a beach vacation. Here we show you the best hairstyles with scarves for this summer!

To show off beautiful hair, not only is it enough to wear flattering hairstyles, but it is also essential to know how to care for hair correctly. En el blog de Hospital Capilar, hair medicine clinic, We show you the best hairstyles with scarves for this summer, but also some tips to avoid what is known as traction alopecia.

Collected with handkerchiefs

With the arrival of the heat, updos are almost a necessity. On those occasions where we want to opt for a somewhat more elaborate look, those collected with scarves are the best option.

Low bun

The low bun is one of the most popular hairstyles, mainly because of the comfort and ease of doing it. But why not add a scarf? In this way we manage to turn a hairstyle from the most common into a more sophisticated one. Simply surround the bow with your favorite scarf and tie it at the top or, if you prefer, at the bottom.

Casual high ponytail

Casual updos are a good option for avoid excessively tight hairstyles that can damage the hair. A loose high ponytail with a scarf can be your greatest ally this holiday season.

root braid

If you want to try something more elaborate hairstyles, the root braid with a scarf is your thing. For this, in the elaboration of the braid we must include the handkerchief, in such a way that it is integrated into it. In this way the braid is filled with color and is much more original.

Semi-collected with scarves

Among the best hairstyles with scarves for this summer we also find semi-updos. Here we show you the semi-updos in trend to show off your hair this holiday.

Braided crown

A braided crown with a scarf is a very versatile hairstyle, as it can be used for a more informal look or for a more organized event. It is enough to take a lock of hair on each side of the face, place the scarf over the head as if we were placing a headband and we make a braid on each side integrating the ends of the scarf. Once the two sides are braided, we take them to the back of the head and tie with a hair tie. 

hairstyle with scarf

Semi-updo with bow

Another of the best hairstyles with a scarf for this summer that is easier to do is the semi-updo with a bow. We divide the hair in two and we carry it behind, gathering it in a bun, high or low, depending on what we like more. Once the bow is done, it is surrounded with a scarf and that's it!  

Semi-collected with ponytail

It is the same as the previous bandana hairstyle but, instead of a bun, with a ponytail. It is a perfect option to clear the hair of the face but without gathering all the hair.

Loose hair with scarves

For those people who prefer to leave their hair loose, they can also resort to scarves and thus give it a different touch.

Scarf as a headband

Using a scarf or a bandana as a headband is very practical and original. To do this, we remove the hair from the face and place the scarf around the head above the ears. We can tie it both at the nape and at the top, as we like.

pirate scarf

Another fun and somewhat more daring way to wear a scarf in your hair is as a pirate. Instead of rolling up the scarf like in other hairstyles, you have to open it and place it on your head, tying it at the back.

Beware of excessively tight hairstyles

The collected and semi-collected are usually the favorite option, but it is important to know that an excess of tight hairstyles can take its toll on our hair. Those looser or more casual in which the hair is not in tension are not harmful, but with the tense we must be more careful.

Especially in women, what is known as traction alopecia. The most affected areas where there can be a lack of density is in the temples, since it is the area that suffers the most in hairstyles such as pigtails or high buns.

To avoid this traction alopecia it is important do not abuse this type of hairstyles. It's okay to wear them from time to time, but keeping the hair for a long time in an "unnatural" position for the hair follicle in a very tight way weakens the hair. In cases where this already exists type of alopecia It is advisable to go to a doctor who is an expert in capillary care who can advise us in the best possible way. Sometimes we will not have to do anything and the hair will come out on its own, but in others the professional may recommend medical hair treatments to reverse the effects, such as Capillary Regeneration Treatment or Hair Redensification Treatment.

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