Hair mesotherapy performed by Dr. Segovia de Hospital Capilar
May 6th 2024

Hair mesotherapy: Everything you need to know

Following a good hair care routine with products according to our hair type is key to having good hair health, although on many occasions it is not enough. Problems such as hair loss or hair thinning are aspects that can reduce its quality. In these cases, you can resort to hair treatments such as hair mesotherapy in specialized hair clinics in Spain.

It is one of the most demanded medical hair treatments today that offers visible results. From Hospital Capilar, hair clinic in Madrid, Murcia and Pontevedra, we tell you everything you need to know about hair mesotherapy: what it is, how this treatment is performed, benefits and possible side effects.

What is hair mesotherapy?

Hair mesotherapy is a maintenance hair treatment aimed at promoting the correct functioning of the Hair follicles. It consists of the application of a master formula based on vitamins and drugs adapted to the patient through subcutaneous injection into the scalp.

This is a technique that should be performed by experienced physicians and requires a prior medical diagnosis. This is why capillary mesotherapy is practiced in authorized capillary medical centers.

What does hair mesotherapy contain?

Hair mesotherapy in Hospital Capilar Contains a magisterial formula specifically designed to take care of the hair in depth by stimulating the hair follicles and promoting the regeneration of the scalp. Specifically, the preparation consists of drugs that inhibit the hormone that causes hair loss in cases of androgenic alopecia, Dihydrotestosterone, as well as a cocktail of vitamins, mineral salts, proteins and antioxidants to promote hair growth and reduce hair aging.

Cases in which it is recommended to use capillary mesotherapy

As we have previously mentioned, a hair diagnosis is required by a specialist doctor to find out if it is feasible in each case to carry out this hair treatment. In Hospital Capilar medical diagnosis is completely free and without any commitment.

Both men and women can perform mesotherapy on the hair. The cases in which this type of hair treatment is usually recommended are the following.

Androgenic alopecia

Hair mesotherapy is the ideal treatment to stop androgenic alopecia, and this is assured by the medical team of Hospital Capilar. This is a type of alopecia of a hormonal and genetic nature. In these cases, hair loss occurs when the enzyme 5 alpha-reductase is transformed into Dihydrotestosterone, which attacks the hair follicles causing their destruction. This is what causes irreversible hair loss.

In this context, capillary mesotherapy acts by inhibiting the action of Dihydrotestosterone through the infiltration of antiandrogen drugs such as dutasteridethus stopping hair loss. In addition, it replaces the consumption of oral drugs, making it very comfortable for patients who prefer not to take medication daily.

Patients with moderate hair loss

Not only the development of alopecia causes hair loss. Other factors like Stress or having passed the Covid They are accompanied by hair loss. It is an increasingly common problem but one that currently has a solution. Hair mesotherapy in these cases is a good ally to considerably reduce hair loss and promote hair growth. Normally, it is usually combined in these cases with the Platelet Rich Plasma to achieve a better result, although it must be determined by the medical professional.

Hair that has lost quality

It is very common to notice that the hair loses quality or that it is not as healthy as we had it before. A thinning of the hair, lack of shine and nutrition, as well as the fall can contribute to the loss of quality of the hair. In these cases it is also highly recommended to resort to hair treatments such as hair mesotherapy, with which we will achieve more nourished and healthy hair thanks to the fact that promotes blood circulation, the arrival of nutrients to the hair follicles and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin

capillary mesotherapy in Hospital Capilar

Benefits of capillary mesotherapy on hair

Administering vitamins and drugs directly to the scalp is highly beneficial for the hair. In addition to being a simple and almost painless technique, it offers multiple advantages to take care of our hair health.

Stops hair loss

The main action of capillary mesotherapy is to stop hair loss, especially in cases of hormonal alopecia as we have previously mentioned, and to treat the hair miniaturization. Furthermore, in patients with telogen effluvium it can also be beneficial.

Promotes hair growth

Hair mesotherapy promotes blood circulation in the scalp, which facilitates the arrival of the necessary nutrients for the hair follicles to function properly. Thus, the hair grows faster, thicker and healthier, managing to recover the quality of the hair.

Nourishes and improves hair quality

The subdermal application of this magisterial formula considerably improves the quality of the stem, nourishing and strengthening it. The result is healthier, higher-quality hair.

Does hair mesotherapy have side effects?

There are practically no side effects associated with hair mesotherapy or contraindications. It is a completely safe treatment and carried out by medical professionals, which is why it is presented as a good option, especially to avoid the consumption of oral drugs.

How often is it necessary to perform capillary mesotherapy to see results?

Depending on each particular case, more or less capillary mesotherapy sessions will be needed. Normally 4 or 5 annual sessions are necessary, although it will depend on the doctor's criteria and the patient's evolution.

Hair mesotherapy price

Many of the queries are related to hair mesotherapy price. Usually a mesotherapy session ranges between 150 euros and 300 euros. However, more sessions are usually necessary, so in Hospital Capilar We offer cheaper vouchers.

Man undergoing mesotherapy treatment with Dutasteride

Take care of your hair at the hands of experts in hair medicine

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