Minoxidil pills for hair
6th October 2023

Minoxidil for hair: Does it stop hair loss?

Consultations for hair loss and alopecia in hair clinics in Spain are booming. This is backed by the rate of alopecia in Spain, which is one of the highest, and, in this context, more and more people want to find a solution. Minoxidil for hair is presented as one of those solutions, but is it true that it stops hair loss? What are the pros and cons of this currently widespread drug?

En Hospital Capilar, experts in hair grafting Madrid, Murcia and Pontevedra, we give you all the information you need to know about Minoxidil for hair: what it is, when its use is recommended, benefits and side effects of Minoxidil.

What is Minoxidil?

Minoxidil is an antihypertensive drug with a vasodilator effect. Before being used in hair medicine, it was used to treat high blood pressure. However, the great benefits for the hair of said medicine were observed and, thus, its use began in patients with certain types of alopecia.

In which cases is the use of Minoxidil recommended?

The use of Minoxidil for hair requires the supervision of a medical professional. Therefore, it will be the medical team who assesses how viable it is to resort to Minoxidil for hair or opt for other types of hair treatments.

Minoxidil can be used topically directly on the area to be treated or orally. In addition, there are different concentrations ranging from 2% to 5% and, again, it will be the doctor who determines which one is preferable to take in each particular case. Both men and women can use Minoxidil for hair and, in general, according to our specialist doctors, it is usually recommended in cases of androgenic alopecia o hair miniaturization for the great results it offers. It requires a prescription, so it is essential to go to a hair clinic in Spain to be able to buy it at the pharmacy.

benefits of minoxidil for hair

More and more professionals in the hair medicine sector recommend the use of Minoxidil for hair due to the effects it has on hair, especially in cases of early alopecia.

Strengthens the hair

One of the advantages of Minoxidil for hair is that it strengthens it. Thanks to the vasodilator function of this drug, the arrival of nutrients to the hair follicles is facilitated, considerably improving the quality of the hair.

thickens hair

By promoting blood circulation to the scalp, the shaft thickens, giving rise to hair with more body and nourishment. In short, the quality of the capillary structure improves considerably with the repeated application of Minoxidil.

Avoid hair miniaturization

Androgenic alopecia begins with what is known as hair miniaturization. This is nothing more than the refinement of the hair until it falls and no longer comes out. Minoxidil by favoring the arrival of nutrients thanks to its vasodilator effect reduces miniaturized hair, giving it body and thickening it. However, precisely in cases of androgenic alopecia it is essential to combine this drug with antiandrogens to achieve optimal results. 

Treatments to stop hair loss

How is Minoxidil used?

Minoxidil for hair can be found under different trademarks, as well as in different formats. Depending on the particular needs of each patient, the medical team will recommend the most appropriate with the optimal concentration for each case.

oral minoxidil

Oral Minoxidil is one of the most widely used today. The dose and intake will depend, again, on the opinion of an expert depending on each case. This treatment is personalized for each patient., so it is essential to consult with a medical team expert in hair medicine.

topical minoxidil

On the other hand, we find topical Minoxidil in different formats: sprays, foams or serum, among others. Normally it is necessary to apply the product between one and two times a day in the area to be treated with a gentle massage to improve its penetration. It is recommended to do it at night since topical Minoxidil leaves hair with a greasy appearance.

Does oral Minoxidil have side effects?

One of the most frequent questions when using Minoxidil for hair is whether this drug has noticeable side effects. The truth is that like any medication, it is preferable to take into account the possible side effects of oral Minoxidil.

Headache or hypertrichosis, that is, the appearance of hair in certain areas of the body such as sideburns, beards or arms, are the symptoms that patients taking Minoxidil for hair may present. In this way, it is important to follow the regimen recommended by the doctor and, in case of presenting any adverse symptoms, go to a consultation.

Hair transplant and Minoxidil: Are they compatible?

The benefits of Minoxidil for hair are visible within a few months of starting treatment. However, Minoxidil will not make hair grow back in those areas where it stopped growing naturally due to alopecia. In this sense, is it feasible to supplement Minoxidil with hair grafting?

The truth is that it is not only that it is viable, but that for the result of the hair graft to be optimal it is convenient to resort to Minoxidil as well as other hair treatments that stop hair loss. Capillary graft and Minoxidil is a key combination that offers very good results.

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