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Myths about hair: true or false?

When we surf the Internet it is not strange that we find many myths about hair. It is important to recognize them and know if they are false or not, since they could harm more than help our hair.

Does hair grow stronger if you pluck it? Will more gray hair come out if you pluck it out? Do you have to change the products often? Today we want to give you all the information so that you can take care of your hair health completely and without worries, knowing what is and what is not positive for your hair.

False myths about hair

Currently there are many false myths about hair. Either by popular tradition or because the Internet has led to the odd hoax, it is normal that we end up confused about what is true and what is not.

For that reason, below we deny you some beliefs that circulate around the hair:

Washing your hair is often bad

There is a belief that constantly washing your hair is bad, and this is not true. We must know our hair type well, so that we wash the scalp as many times as necessary based on your own needs.

A professional can help us know how often to wash our hair and scalp.

Is washing your hair harmful?

We must change the products from time to time

This is a lie. It is true that hair gets used to the products we use in it, but that's not bad. If a product works well on our hair, why change it?

If you have found the perfect products for your hair, it is not necessary to change them for fear that they will lose their effectiveness.

Hair grows stronger when waxing

That hair is stronger when waxing is one of the most widespread myths about it. This is not true and it is important that we know: your hair will not change by waxing it.

It is hormonal changes that can make hair look one way or another, but not that we wax more or less.

Hair does not grow stronger when waxing

Dyeing your hair when it's dirty

Have you ever wanted to dye your hair and heard the comment that you do it with dirty hair? Well, this is not true, and rather the opposite.

The oil content of dirty hair acts as a protective layer against the dye that we want to use. Therefore, it can make the color not as much as it would if we decided to dye our hair when it is clean.

If you pluck the gray hair, more will come out

Another of the myths about the most widespread hair is that when you pull out a gray hair, you make it appear more; This means that many people do not do it for fear of having more.

What you should know is that this myth is false, and that removing gray hair does not make it appear more. Of course, it is not beneficial that we start them. Gray is our hair when it loses pigmentation, and it is not beneficial to pull them out.

If you are looking for a solution to cover gray hair, it is best to dye it instead of pulling it out.

When cutting the hair it will grow faster

It is also believed that cutting hair makes it grow stronger and faster. The tips have nothing to do with the root, so that does not influence. 

Cutting the hair will help us to heal the ends, causing that we do not have open cuticles and in bad condition.

Caps make hair fall

Among the myths about the hair there is also the belief that the use of the cap or similar as the helmet causes the hair to fall. This is not true, and they are protectors that will not make alopecia spread.

Yes it is true that continued use, due to friction and sweat, can lead to falling, but the use would have to be so much and the amount of benefits you get in comparison is so great that it is worth using.

Do caps make hair fall out?

Salt is bad for hair

Another belief that exists is that salt damages hair. This is not true either. Salt is not negative for hair, and even many of its properties can help the scalp.

Yes, we should not leave the salt in our hair for a long time, since that doesn't help either; it is best to wash our hair as soon as possible after being exposed to the salt.

True myths about hair

Just as there are false myths about hair, there are also many that are true. Here are some examples that we might not believe but are really true:

Hair falls out from stress

Stress can cause hair loss, caused by this type of situation. Normally it is a temporary situation that is solved once this situation ends.

In case you notice that the hair loss due to stress has not been solved, a specialist can help us find the solution to this situation so that hair loss is stopped.

Cold water is best for hair

Many times it is said that hot water is not positive for the hair, and this is true. Hot water affects the porosity and cuticle of the hair, while the cold water is the one that most helps to protect your state.

We know that sometimes it is difficult to use cold water on your hair, so it is best to opt for warm water in these cases.

Cold water protects our hair

It is bad to sleep with wet hair

Another detail that we must take into account is that we should not sleep with wet hair. This can be harmful to our hair., but also for our general hair health. 

For that reason, it is always advisable to dry your hair and avoid going to sleep when it is still wet.

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