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June 20th, 2023

Does not washing your hair make it grow?

One of the latest trends in hair health that moves mainly through social networks is known as "No poo." It basically consists of not washing the hair for at least a week, ensuring that, in the long run, the hair remains cleaner, of better quality and, above all, it will grow faster. But, Is it true that not washing your hair makes it grow?

From Hospital Capilar, experts in hair health and medicine, we tell you to what extent it is true that not washing hair makes it grow, and what happens to hair when we do not wash it enough. Next!

Is it good not to wash your hair?

Hair cleaning is really important to maintain a healthy scalp and in good condition. Not washing your hair on a regular basis is not good for hair health and can be the source of infections and symptoms such as burning, among others. In this sense, it is necessary to proceed with our washing routine when dirt and grease accumulation on the scalp is appreciated. There is no specific pattern of washing, but it depends on the particular needs of each person.

Ultimately, not washing your hair is detrimental to hair health. The consequences of not keeping it clean are several and intensify the more washing is postponed.

Risk of scalp infections

When you don't wash your hair when you need to bacteria and viruses accumulate which can be the source of infections and scalp diseases and seborrheic dermatitis or even, folliculitis. Therefore, maintaining good hair hygiene is key to avoiding possible infections that cause inflammation of the scalp and flaking, among others.

Itching and bad smell

The accumulation of dirt, dust and dead cells causes symptoms such as itching and itching on the scalp. In addition, it also usually accompanies a bad smell in the hair and a dirty appearance.

Fat gain

The scalp naturally produces sebum. When this fat is not removed through flushing, it accumulates as you continue to make even more fat. This makes the hair look dirty, wet and dull.

Blockage of hair follicles

When the washes are postponed for several weeks, the hair follicles become clogged, directly affecting the hair life cycle. The follicles are weakened, preventing the hair from growing healthy and even from falling out.

Does not washing your hair make it grow?

To affirm that not washing your hair makes it grow is completely false. It is a popular belief that is just another of the many hair fake news. The number of times a person washes their hair does not influence hair growth, however, not keeping it in good hygienic conditions can cause it to fall out.

Therefore, if what we want with this "no poo" trend is to encourage hair growth, it is better to wash the hair when necessary and thus avoid future hair loss and loss of quality.

Tips to care for hair and promote its growth

Hair has its own life cycle where it is born, grows and falls out. Each person has their own rate of hair growth: there are people who grow their hair very quickly, while for others it is a slower process. However, we can include certain habits and customs in our daily routine to promote hair growth, keep it in the best condition and reduce hair loss.

Take care of the food

Diet is key to maintaining good hair health. This is why it is recommended to follow a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals: include fruit, vegetables, fish, meat and nuts in our diet, and reduce the consumption of ultra-processed foods, sugars and fat. Also, we can include food for hair loss that greatly benefit the proper functioning of the scalp.  

Use quality hair products

Depending on the type of hair, it is recommended to use hair care products according to our needs. If you have long hair, it is beneficial to use masks and serums that hydrate the hair fiber.

Hair treatments

In case of hair loss, we can resort to certain hair treatments such as Platelet Rich Plasma or the hair mesotherapy to take care of our hair. They are medical treatments that require a prior medical assessment and are carried out in hair clinics, so it is essential to go to an expert to advise us beforehand.

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