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What to do to avoid hair loss?

There are many reasons that can cause hair loss, but to talk about how to prevent hair loss, we must first know what alopecia is. 

Excessive hair loss that causes baldness is what we know as alopecia. In addition, we must emphasize that there are different types of alopecia and that we must always consult with a specialist to know how to treat each case. 

The most common is usually androgenetic alopecia, which affects men in a higher percentage and responds to an increase in the performance of male hormones on the scalp. Hair begins to miniaturize and the follicle begins to shrink until it atrophies  and hair falls out forever.

Knowing this, we can already explain what we can do to prevent hair loss.

Tips for caring for your hair

Why does alopecia occur?

The most common is that alopecia is caused by clear factors such as genetics, aging and hormones.

Men are the ones who tend to have higher levels of dihydrotestosterone, which makes it a more widespread pathology in males than in females.

The unmistakable symptom of the appearance of alopecia is hair loss, which is less and less dense as it does not grow back, until it appears bald.

Can hair loss be prevented?

If we are genetically predisposed to baldness, it is difficult to avoid it altogether, but it is possible to slow its progress.

The main thing is to know that we must lead a healthy lifestyle and not feel lazy when it comes to giving our hair what it needs. Consistency is essential for optimal maintenance.

Avoid stress

Hair loss due to stress is caused by the alteration of hormones such as cortisol, which are responsible for keeping hair strong. Although hair loss due to stress ends once the stressful episode is over, if we are already in a process of advancing alopecia, it will not help.

The onion, great ally

It is true that we are what we eat, since with an adequate diet, rich in nutrients and adapted to our needs, we can improve many aspects from the inside, in addition to staying strong to avoid pathologies or ailments.

As for hair, one of the most beneficial foods is onion, as it improves blood flow to the hair follicles.

Beets for hair health

Beet contains a great contribution of nutrients such as protein, potassium, calcium  vitamins B and C, among others.

Whether in juice or salads, it will be of great help in the process of helping to stop hair loss.

Take a good look at the type of shampoo

We must take care that the products we use to care for our hair are as less harmful as possible and that their ingredients are natural, without abusing the chemicals that damage our hair.

The aggressive ingredients remove the natural oils that make our hair flexible and strong.

Heat, the just and necessary

Heat is one of the greatest enemies of hair, as they dry out and damage it, causing it to break or fall out to a greater extent.

If we have no choice but to use the dryer or the iron, we must always apply a heat protector to protect ourselves.

Beer yeast

Brewer's yeast is famous for its strengthening character for hair and nails.

This supplement contains vitamins and minerals that can make our hair stronger and gain vitality, also slowing its fall.

Hair treatments

Hair treatments that you should know

You may have already tried all these remedies and see that the progression of your alopecia continues. If you still do not dare to have a hair graft or if, on the contrary, you have already done it and what you are looking for is to preserve its effects, preventing your native hair from falling out, the treatments we offer at Hospital Capilar they are your best asset to get the hair you want.

Hair Redensification Treatment or HRT

This treatment consists of adapted drug therapy dermoinfiltrations into the scalp.

With it, we can help to stop hair loss, avoid miniaturization and improve its condition.


To increase hair growth, carboxytherapy is one of the most innovative treatments.

Through the use of carbon dioxide, the scalp is oxygenated by working as a vasodilator.

This treatment helps hair regeneration and the good condition of the hair.

En Hospital Capilar we solve all your doubts

If you want to know what is the best option to take care of your hair and keep it strong and healthy, in Hospital Capilar We advise you so that you know which is the solution that best suits your needs.

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Your hair diagnosis at NO COST

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