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November 18th 2021

Parabens in Shampoo: Are They Bad for Hair?

Have you heard lately that parabens in hair products are harmful? The use of this type of compound in shampoos, conditioners and masks is being highly criticized, even brands have launched specific lines devoid of them. Why is this happening? Is it true that Are parabens in shampoo bad for hair? All the information below!

What are parabens in shampoo and what are they for?

The first thing to do is to know what parabens really are and why they are often included in hair care products.

Parabens are chemical compounds integrated into shampoos, conditioners and masks, generally with the aim of preserving them as long as possible. That is to say, Parabens are preservatives that protect the content of the product from external agents such as microorganisms. Therefore, the parabens in the shampoo allow it to last longer.

To find out if our hair product contains parabens, just take a look at the ingredients list. In it we will look for those compounds that end in -paraben, such as butylparaben. If we find them, there are parabens in the shampoo.

Are parabens in shampoo harmful to hair?

The growing tendency to reject parabens in shampoo has led many people to seek products without these compounds to incorporate into their hair care routine. But are parabens really bad?

The truth is that parabens do not pose any risk to hair health for people who use it. Otherwise, the regulation would not consider these compounds as valid in cosmetic products. So why do you hate so much?

The rejection of parabens is on the rise because these compounds can trigger allergic reactions in certain people. For this reason, many men and women opt for paraben-free shampoos and products to avoid the possible development of allergies. But, as we mentioned before, parabens are not a risk factor as such. 

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Parabens in shampoo after a hair transplant: Can it be used?

The situation changes when we undergo a hair graft. When leaving this intervention, the scalp is more sensitive and we must use specific products for hair implants.

But could we use shampoos with parabens? Our doctors They assure that not. The ideal thing when coming out of a hair graft is to use a paraben-free shampoo with pH 5.5

Hair care shampoos after a hair transplant

En Hospital Capilar We make available to all our patients an exclusive range of products specifically developed to care for and treat the scalp before and after a hair transplant.

Here are the products you can use after a hair graft intervention.

Foam shampoo

As we mentioned, after a hair implant, a neutral shampoo with pH 5.5 without parabens should be used. Our foam shampoo is developed to cleanse the scalp without compromising the survival of the grafts. In addition, its foam format is perfect for this moment.

Frequent use shampoo

Thanks to our frequent use shampoo, the PH of the Hydrolipidic mantle is stabilized, promoting a correct functioning of the scalp. It also calms irritation thanks to its moisturizing properties.

10 day cure

Take care of your hair in Hospital Capilar

En Hospital Capilar we are experts in hair medicine. We have the most effective treatments in the sector to keep hair in the best condition. Ask us for information without obligation. Hair diagnosis is free!



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