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December 13th 2021

Easy Hairstyles for Christmas: Pick Your Favorite!

The Christmas season is approaching and, with it, family gatherings, with friends and company dinners. Special events are coming that require hairstyles that are a bit out of our day to day but that do not require too much time either. Therefore, in the blog de Hospital Capilar we show you a series of Easy Hairstyles for Christmas: Which One is Your Favorite?

What are the Christmas hairstyles that are in trend?

If you still don't know what you are going to do with your hair this Christmas, take note! The best thing to do is to opt for a trendy look that you can easily do at home. And who knows? We can also incorporate these hairstyles into our routines for the new year.

Here we propose a series of easy hairstyles for Christmas whether you have a long hair or if you have short hair. They are very simple to do, they will not take a lot of time and, above all, you will accompany your Christmas look with a hair.

Hairstyles for long hair

Having long hair or a medium length offers multiple hairstyle possibilities. From the simplest braids, pigtails and buns to the more elaborate updos, wearing long hair has many advantages in this regard.

If this is your case, try one of these easy hairstyles for Christmas that we propose. You will be fashionable, elegant and comfortable. Which one do you prefer?

Low ponytail

The low ponytail is an updo that, at first, is too simple and even simple for these special dates. But nevertheless, it is a very versatile hairstyle with which we can go from a routine hairstyle to a much more elaborate updo.

The key to a perfect low ponytail is to gather all the hair without leaving bulging holes or loose hairs. For this we can use fixing products to make it perfect.

Another issue that we must take into account is that the hair that falls from the ponytail must be well combed. One trick is to collect the hair and, once tied, use a professional hair straightener and proceed to straightening or waving it, depending on the final style we want.

And, to top it off, the perfect touch for these dates is hide the rubber band with which we have tied the ponytail by taking a lock of hair and winding it around it. To tie it we recommend using hairpins that are the same color as the hair so that they go unnoticed. And, thus, we would obtain an elegant and simple collection to wear at these parties.

Low braided bun

Another of the easy hairstyles for Christmas that will give a different touch to our look is the braided bun. The truth is that this may be somewhat more complicated to do with respect to the rest, but it will not take us long either.

It is an original collection that, to make it, we must separate the entire mane into two halves. The next thing is to braid each of these divisions from the roots on the sides of the head until you reach the back. Once this step is done, we will roll one of the braids into a bun and we will holding with hairpins for greater support. We do the same with the other braid until we get the final result: a low braided bun. 

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High braided ponytail

Continuing with the braids, another of the easy hairstyles for Christmas that we can opt for is the high braided ponytail. It is very simple to do and does not require a lot of skill.

It is enough to gather our hair back, helping us again with fixing products, and tie it with the elastic that we like the most. Once the ponytail is perfect, without any protruding hairs, it is a matter of braiding the hair that falls until you reach the end. We can do it with a basic braid of three or, if we want to complicate it a bit more, we can do the so-called herringbone braid.

Hairstyles for short hair 

If your thing is to wear short hair, then we propose three easy hairstyles for Christmas with which to give your hair a different touch. Which one do you prefer?

Bob cut with discarded waves

The bob cut is in trend this year. If we want to give it a festive and Christmas atmosphere, try curl the hair and then undo them. Thus, we will obtain a casual look ideal for dinners with family and friends. 

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Loose with headband

Another option that we can opt for is to use accessories such as headbands. Lately, wide headbands are in trend, and it is that they give a completely different touch to the look.

If what we are looking for are easy hairstyles for Christmas without having to complicate ourselves, this is undoubtedly the best option. It is enough to comb the hair as it suits us best and add a headband according to the clothes we wear. Easy, simple and does not require any time!

Wet back hairstyle

Another look that can be used to celebrate Christmas is the well-known wet back hairstyle. Consists in apply abundant wet-effect fixing product to the roots of the hair and comb back with a comb. In this way we will have a clear face but with loose hair. Without a doubt a success! Of course, then we should wash our hair well and follow a hair care routine correct so that no product remains on the scalp.

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