May 21th 2024

5 hairstyles that do not damage the hair

Certain hairstyles that we usually wear can be harmful to our hair health and cause problems such as brittle hair and even irreversible hair loss, among others. It is for this reason that it is advisable not to abuse very tight up-dos and replace them instead with other types of hairstyles that do not damage the hair.

Don't know how to pick up your hair without excessively damaging it? From Hospital Capilar We give you several ideas for up-dos so that you can have a trendy hairstyle that is comfortable and respectful of your hair. Take note!

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collected with a braid

5 hairstyles that do not damage the hair

On many occasions, to follow the trends of the moment, for comfort or because the situation requires it, we tend to resort to excessively tight pigtails and bows without being aware of the damage that we may be causing to the hair. The truth is, if you opt for these hairstyles with excessive traction very often, our hair health will be affected: the hair will become more brittle, the Hair follicles they will weaken and the hair will fall more abundantly, even developing what is known as traction alopecia.

To pick up the hair without damaging the health of the hair excessively, we can opt for other hairstyles in which too much tension is not exerted, does not cause hair pain and it does not suppose an inconvenience for the correct functioning of the hair follicles. Therefore, below we recommend 5 hairstyles that do not damage the hair and with which you can collect your hair without worries.


Low braids that do not involve pulling the hair excessively, as is the case with African or root braids, are a good option to comb our hair and make a nice and simple updo without damaging the hair. If we want to make it something more special, we can add some accessories such as bows or braid the hair with a scarf and thus be in the trend of the moment.

Low pigtails

If what we are looking for is a collection where no hair escapes or baby hair and don't leave that casual look, low ponytails are the best option. We can brush the hair and help ourselves with fixing products such as lacquers or gels to shape the hair and tie it at the nape of the neck. In this way we will show off an elegant, formal and comfortable ponytail without weakening the hair as it does when we frequently make very tight ponytails.

semi collected

Another option is the semi-collected in which we only collect the strands of hair closest to the face. It is the perfect hairstyle to leave most of the hair loose and oxygenated, but with the comfort of not having the hair close to the face. To do this we can use tweezers, which are currently in trend, and further avoid the tightness of the hair. Or you can tie the strands of hair with a rubber band without over-tightening.


Collecting the hair completely and tying it with a clip is one of the hairstyles that does not damage the most widespread hair today. To do this, we roll all the hair and give it a small twist at the back of the head and tie it with a large clip.

Barrettes or headbands

As a last option are headbands, ribbons and pins. If we use this type of hair accessories, we remove the hair from the face without having to tie it with rubber bands that can weaken the hair fiber.

My hair falls out a lot: Is it due to the updos?

In case of noticing intense hair loss, it may be due to the abuse of excessively tight hairstyles. As we have previously mentioned, this type of up-do pulls on the hair and weakens it, favoring hair loss. Hair loss due to tight hairstyles is usually seen especially in the area of ​​the temples, the area of ​​the scalp most affected in these cases.

However, if we notice excessive hair loss that is not associated with this type of up-do and that is also accompanied by a lack of density and areas without hair, it is important to find a solution since we could be facing some type of alopecia.

Go to a hair clinic

The first thing to do if you notice that your hair is falling out more than usual is to go to a hair clinic in Spain. Here we can carry out a hair medical diagnosis in which medical professionals will find the cause and the most appropriate treatment for our type of alopecia.

Hair maintenance treatments

Currently, hair loss has a solution with hair maintenance treatments. The most effective for cases of hair loss due to tight hairstyles, as well as for certain types of hormonal alopecia such as androgenetic alopecia or hair loss Stress, among others, are the Hair PRP and hair mesotherapy.

Hair graft, the solution to lack of hair

When hair loss due to tight hairstyles or for any other cause has already given way to bald spots, either on the temples, frontal line or other areas such as the crown of the head, the only method by which it is possible to recover the hair is with the hair graft.

The hair implant is not only an intervention aimed at men with alopecia, but also more and more women opt for this technique to lower the frontal line, recover the hair on the temples or reduce the size in case of a wide hair part.

In any case, it will be through a capillary analysis by which the medical team will determine the feasibility of hair surgery, the estimation of the hair follicles to be implanted and the expectations in the results.

Capillary analysis of a woman's hair with a trichoscope

Stop the fall and recover your hair in Hospital Capilar

En Hospital Capilar We have medical professionals who will recommend the best treatment to follow according to your particular case. Request your medical diagnosis at no cost or commitment and put yourself in the hands of experts.


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