Man with hair loss on the crown of the head
6th October 2023

Hair loss on the crown: Causes and treatment

Alopecia is a problem that affects many men and women around the world and, consequently, more and more people turn to hair clinics to solve it. Hair loss on the crown is a common symptom, especially among men, but why does it happen? Is it possible to treat it?

En Hospital Capilar, hair transplant clinic in Madrid, Murcia and Pontevedra, we can help you. Below we tell you what are the factors that trigger hair loss on the crown and its possible treatments. Take note!

Why does the hair on the crown fall out?

Hair loss on the crown is a very common hair problem among men. It is mainly due to a androgenetic alopecia, which is of hormonal and genetic origin. This type of alopecia in men is measured by Hamilton-Norwood scale and it is at grade 3 when the crown begins to lighten. In these cases, there is still a solution.

Androgenic alopecia causes irreversible hair loss, as indicated by our specialist doctors. Specifically, it is the Dihydrotestosterone, male hormone, which attacks the hair follicles causing the hair miniaturization and subsequent destruction of the follicle. Once the hair follicle is shed, the hair will not grow back naturally in any case. This disease can appear at any age, so we can have alopecia at 20 or at 50, there is no set age range.

This type of alopecia is the most common among men, but it is also the easiest to treat. With the hair treatments suitable, as well as with the capillary graft, we will be able to reverse the hair loss on the crown. Put yourself in the hands of a expert medical team in a hair clinic it is essential to be able to solve alopecia.

How to recover the hair of the crown and stop the fall

In most cases, when the alopecia has not advanced excessively, we can provide a solution and even recover the lost hair. For this it is essential a previous capillary diagnosis to determine what is causing hair loss on the crown and thus recommend the best treatment in each case. 

Hair treatment without surgery

Oral drug use

Currently there are highly effective drugs with which to stop hair loss due to androgenic alopecia. To opt for them, it is essential to review them by a medical professional who can prescribe this type of medication if he considers it necessary. Oral medication slows hair loss and thickens miniaturized hair, but it will not cause hair to grow in those areas where it stopped growing naturally.

Hair maintenance treatments

Those known as non-surgical hair treatments are the best ally to stop hair loss and promote its quality. In Hospital Capilar we have the HRT: Hair Redensification Treatment, And CRT: Capillary Regeneration Treatment.

These hair treatments replace the consumption of oral drugs and can also serve as a complement to them. The opinion of a medical expert is key to knowing how to act in each particular case depending on the degree of alopecia.

Hair implant, the only method to recover hair from the crown

As we have mentioned, both drugs and hair treatments stop hair loss, thicken hair and promote its growth, but in no case will they cause hair to grow in areas where there is no longer hair. The only way to regain hair in cases of androgenic alopecia is with the crown capillary graft.

En Hospital Capilar We are experts in hair grafting in Madrid, Murcia and Pontevedra. Thanks to the FUE technique, Follicular Unit Extraction, natural results are obtained without leaving visible scars. The intervention is ambulatory and consists of the extraction of the follicles from the donor area, the one that is not affected by alopecia, to later implant them in the crown in this case.

The definitive results are given a year after the capillary implant, although in the rate of hair growth on the crown after grafting it is slower and can last up to 18 months.

Doctor Rachel Amaro de Hospital Capilar designing the recipient area of ​​a hair implant

Restores the hair from the crown in Hospital Capilar

The crown hair graft, as well as medical hair treatments, are the perfect ally to recover the hair on the crown. In Hospital Capilar You will be able to enjoy your free capillary diagnosis at the hands of a medical team at the height. Request information!