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June 3th, 2021

Can I go to the beach after a hair transplant?

Summer is coming, and with it the desire to go to the beach and the pool. If you are thinking of having a hair transplant, you may be wondering then: Can i go to the beach after a hair transplant?

Today we want to give you the answer, so that you can prepare for the summer in the best possible way and enjoy in conditions both this season and your future new hair.

Can I go to the beach after a hair transplant?

Many people wonder if they can go to the beach after a hair transplant. The quick answer is no, or at least not as we are imagining in our head. 

After the intervention we will be able to enjoy the summer, but we will have to be very careful to comply with the postoperative rules. Failure to comply can lead to complications or even a bad end result, so we always have to think about following these rules.

Here are two very important details that you should keep in mind if you are thinking of going to the beach after a hair transplant.

Do not bathe in the sea!

Sea and pool water should be avoided during the entire first month of the hair transplant. Therefore, if we go to the beach before the recommended time has passed, we must know that we cannot bathe.

Beware of sun exposure

In addition, we will have to avoid sun exposure even after the month. Until the hair begins to grow, we must be aware that it is a scar and, as such, it can become hyperpigmented if it is exposed to direct light.

If we take these two details into account, we can go to the beach after a hair graft, but always after a recommended time has passed and when we can ensure that the grafted hair will be in good condition. If not, we must wait until we are completely sure.

Can you get the sun after a hair graft?

One of the main reasons why we must be especially careful when going to the beach is the sea, but we must also protect ourselves adequately from the sun.

Direct sun exposure after a hair transplant should be avoided, as it can affect healing and pigmentation.

Therefore, we must take this into account if when thinking about the beach we think about getting brown, since it is something that influences if we want to carry out this type of intervention previously.

Can I get the sun after a hair transplant?

Other common doubts after a hair graft

In addition to knowing if you can go to the beach after a hair transplant, there are other doubts that are common about this type of intervention and the postoperative rules that must be followed after performing it.

For that reason, below we answer other questions that are common to have:

Can I wear a cap after a hair transplant?

The cap is a complement that we must avoid at least up to ten days; from then on we can use it as long as it is loose and we can ensure that it does not touch the follicles at any time, in addition to not wearing it for an excessive time.

In addition to wear a cap after a hair transplant, There are other accessories that it is interesting to know if we can take it or not and that our team will be happy to indicate you in a personalized way.

When to do sports after a graft

Sweat and pressure can influence the hair graft, so we must avoid it completely during the first two weeks. Afterwards we will be able to carry out a certain exercise, but without sweating and without pressure, being very gentle; we must maintain this rate until the month.

Can you have sex after a hair transplant?

As with sport, we must avoiding sexual intercourse after a hair transplant during the time estimated by the team.

The importance of following postoperative guidelines

In general, it is very important that we follow the postoperative rules indicated by the team. Failure to comply with these rules can lead to folliculitis, or even the final result is not what was expected.

For that reason, it is very important that we comply with the rules indicated by the team.

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Caring for your hair in summer

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