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August 24st, 2021

Reasons why our hair falls out

Why is our hair falling out? This is a question that is normal to come up when we start thinking about hair. We comb it, we dye it, we cut it… but, do we know all the curiosities about hair? Today we want to answer a specific question such as the reasons why our hair falls out. Do you miss any?

In this article we give you all the necessary information so that you can know the main reasons why you can lose your hair. Do not miss it!

Reasons why our hair falls out

There are several reasons why our hair falls out. Some are more common than others, but it is important to know how to differentiate them to know the reasons why our hair falls out. In this way we can go directly to the origin of the problem to find a solution, preventing hair loss as much as possible.

Appearance of alopecia

The main reason why our hair falls out is because its own cyclical growth, although the most important reason outside of this is the androgenetic alopecia In the man. There are many types of alopecia, the most common being male androgenetic alopecia. Some of these alopecia are temporary, while others are not reversible.

A correct diagnosis is essential to determine each case and type of alopecia, so that the best solution can be found for that particular case.

Diseases that cause hair loss

Diseases that cause hair loss

There are certain types of diseases that can also have the effect of hair loss. Some diseases such as folliculitis can cause this hair loss. Therefore, treating this type of disease directly will help us avoid hair problems.

The influence of our rhythm of life

Stress and diet greatly influence the condition of our hair. For that reason, we can help our hair health by avoiding stress peaks and eating healthy and varied, with essential nutrients that help our body.

Phases of the hair cycle

Hair usually lives a natural cycle composed of the anagen, catagen and telogen phase. This means that it will grow, go through a state of rest, and then fall to grow again. It is totally normal and not worrisome unless it falls more than the usual average.

Products that influence hair loss

Products that influence hair loss

A bad product that is not suitable for our hair can cause hair loss. For that reason, it is always convenient to use those products that best suit our hair problems.

How to help fully care for your hair

In addition to knowing why our hair falls out, it is important to follow the proper tips to fully care for our hair. Here's what can help you avoid hair loss:

Follow the advice of our experts

The first thing to keep in mind is that you must follow the advice given by the specialists. Do not trust the advice you can find on the Internet, it is always better ask directly to people who are specialists in hair care and they can advise you in a personalized way.

Hair maintenance treatments

Maintenance treatments are a good alternative when hair falls out. These treatments help us to take care of our capillary health, directly helping the problems we have.

There are treatments like Platelet Rich Plasma or the hair mesotherapy, and a specialist will help us find the one that best suits us for our particular case.

Hair graft in Spain

Hair graft in Spain

Have you lost density in parts of the scalp? In this case, the hair graft in Spain is the definitive solution that will help us to recover the hair. En Hospital Capilar we use the FUE technique, which extracts the follicular units from the donor area to implant in the recipient area.

The results of the hair graft are final at one year, 18 months in the case of the crown, but they can begin to be seen much earlier.

A hair diagnosis will help us to determine our case in a personalized way, as well as the number of follicular units that can be implanted and if a subsequent treatment will be necessary to prevent hair loss due to androgenetic alopecia.

Doctor exploring the hair of a patient in the desert phase in a hair graft

Adapted hair solutions

En Hospital Capilar We are specialists in hair and we will be happy to see your case in a personalized way to help you find the best solution. We will wait for you!



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