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Why do eyebrows fall?

A very common question that many of us ask ourselves throughout our lives is why do eyebrows fall. We are used to seeing alopecia and other hair problems on the scalp, however the eyebrows are an area that is also susceptible to losing density.

For that reason, in this article we tell you why eyebrows fall and all the information you should know about this body hair.

Brow function

The eyebrows are not only an aesthetic element of our face, but also act as a protective barrier against various factors. 

They prevent sweat and water from falling directly into the eyes since, due to their shape, they divert liquids to the sides of the face.

They also act as protection against elements such as dust and even sunlight, covering our eyes to avoid direct contact with the rays. 

Why do eyebrows fall?

There are several reasons why the eyebrows can fall and lose density significantly. 

Types of alopecia

When suffering from alopecia areata, an autoimmune disease, the hair follicles are affected to the point of falling off the scalp.

Fibrosing frontal alopecia can also cause eyebrow hair loss. This being an early symptom of this type of telogen effluvium.

Natural hair loss

The eyebrows, like the rest of our hair, undergo natural cycles in which the hair can end up weakening until it falls out. Factors such as age and genetics can cause the hair on our eyebrows to start to lose. 


Scars can cause bald spots, since certain wounds, once they heal, do not allow hair to grow back. 

Hair removal

Excessive waxing over the years can ensure that the hair does not reappear in the areas in which we have affected the most, making it impossible for us to regain the natural shape of our eyebrow.

Hair graft in eyebrows

Hair graft for eyebrows

When we do not see a positive progress in terms of the growth of our eyebrows and they seem increasingly depopulated, the graft is the definitive solution for our problem. 

With it we manage to repopulate the eyebrow completely, to our liking and giving it the shape we want with a result that will last forever and with a very bearable postoperative. 

What is the eyebrow implant?

In the eyebrow hair graft, it is performed with the FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction technique, the same technique that is used for hair grafts on the scalp. 

To proceed with this intervention and after applying anesthesia, the follicular units necessary to repopulate the eyebrow area is carried out. 

Once these follicular units are extracted, follicle by follicle will be separated, leaving each individual hair so that the graft effect is as natural as possible. 

Then the incisions are made in the eyebrows to later implant the aforementioned follicles in them. 

A simple postoperative

After the intervention, we can practically live a normal life, except for very sudden movements, put the head down or sleep completely horizontally. 

Also, if we want to use sunglasses to disguise the intervention While the area heals and to cover it from the sun, we must wear loose-fitting glasses that do not rub against the eyebrows.

Hair solutions adapted to you

En Hospital Capilar We have hair, eyebrow and beard grafts, as well as hair treatments such as PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma or HRT or Hair Redensification Treatment. 

You can request your free diagnosis without obligation so that our team can assess your case and advise you on the treatment or intervention that best suits your case. 

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The solution to the lack of density

Looking for a way to plump your brows? On Hospital Capilar We will be happy to give you all the information and help you regain the shape of your eyebrows. We will wait for you!



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