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Why does the hair part?

When we comb our hair we can see an increase in the number of hairs on the brush and we observe that the hair breaks both when brushing it and when handling it. This is an obvious symptom that the hair is weakened for various reasons and it is convenient to put a solution. Knowing why your hair breaks is key to avoiding behaviors or routines that may be damaging the hair fiber and, in general, our hair health.

From Hospital Capilar, hair clinic in Spain with offices in Madrid, Murcia and Pontevedra, we tell you why hair breaks, how to differentiate it from hair loss and how to prevent hair from breaking.

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Why does the hair part?

An increase in the number of hairs we see on the brush or slow hair growth are signs of weakened hair. Some of the habits that we carry out can be harmful and cause the hair to break more easily, becoming brittle and weak. In other cases, it may be due to a hereditary condition that is often aggravated by a bad hair care routine.

Hair breakage is a very common hair problem known as thericoclasm which we usually notice because we notice that the hair is not growing or, in other cases, that whitish tips form at the bottom of the stem that break very easily.

In any case, it is important to know why the hair breaks is essential to try to avoid those daily activities that negatively affect the hair fiber.

nutritional deficit

One of the most frequent causes that causes hair to break more easily is a poor diet. in the same way that diet and hair loss are related, the truth is that a nutritional deficit also affects the hair fiber causing it to weaken and, therefore, break more easily. This is because the nutrients needed by the Hair follicles They are not enough to function properly when the diet is not adequate, which causes the hair to lose quality. It is important to follow a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals to keep hair healthy and in the best condition.

Lack of hydration

On many occasions when we wonder why the hair breaks, it is due to a lack of hydration of the hair fiber. A dry hair tends to break more than a nourished and hydrated one. You have to hydrate the hair both externally, using specific products, and from the inside by drinking 2 liters of water daily.

bad hair care routine

When a correct hair care routine is not carried out, hair can become brittle and break more easily. Some of the habits that harm the hair the most and cause the hair to break more occur during washes. If we handle the hair roughly when applying shampoo or conditioner, it will cause the middles and ends to break, especially. In addition, twisting the hair to remove excess water when we have finished washing the hair is also harmful to the hair. Excessive traction and aggressive handling of the hair weakens the hair fiber causing the hair to break..

On the other hand, it is not recommended to brush wet hair as it lacks sufficient elasticity and will break more easily. It is preferable to remove excess water and moisture before proceeding with brushing.

Excessive use of irons and hair dryers

Heat sources such as irons, hair dryers and curling irons dry out the hair excessively, which favors hair breakage. If we use them occasionally, it is not usually a notable problem for the hair, but when we use irons and dryers daily without the necessary protection, the hair burns, weakens and ends up breaking.

Abuse of dyes

Many commercial dyes contain chemicals and aggressive components for the hair fiber, especially those that contain ammonia. This compound dries out the hair excessively, making it more fragile and brittle. Therefore, in many cases, when we wonder why our hair breaks, the answer lies in the dyes and bleaches we use.

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Does hair that breaks grow back? 

When we talk about hair breaking, it doesn't mean that it falls out, but rather that it breaks. That is, the strand remains in the hair follicle but, for various reasons, the fiber weakens and normally breaks in the middle and/or ends. Therefore, hair that breaks will continue to grow but, if a solution is not applied, it will split again and we will notice that the hair does not grow enough even though it is.

What to do so you don't break your hair?

If the abuse of dyes, heat sources or genetic inheritance we have fragile and sensitized hair, it is important to follow a series of habits to considerably improve the texture and fiber of the hair.

Using moisturizing hair products

As we have commented before, when the hair breaks easily, it is due in most cases to being excessively dry and damaged. This is why it is recommended to use moisturizing and nourishing hair products that soften and improve hair hydration. In addition, it is beneficial to use moisturizing masks once or twice a week, as well as hair serums, since they are products with a highly nutritious and moisturizing formulation that will improve the silkiness of the hair.

Use microfiber towels

Cotton towels are not beneficial for hair because they stretch the fibers excessively and absorb moisture from the hair. Instead, it is recommended to wrap the hair with microfiber towels at the end of the washes.

Reduce the use of heat sources

If excessive use of irons or hair dryers is made, it is important to reduce their use. In case of using them, it is recommended to use a thermal protector before to protect the hair from the high temperatures to which it will be subjected. In this way, the hair will not dry out excessively.

Avoid tight hairstyles

Excessively tight hairstyles that pull the hair are not beneficial for hair health. By handling the hair with too much traction, we break it more easily and even favor hair loss. In the most severe cases where tight ponytails or buns are done almost daily, what is known as a traction alopecia.

Using a coarse-toothed comb

When we untangle the hair it is the moment in which we split the hair the most. We must do it gently, avoiding pulling and aggressive movements that break the hair. For this, it is advisable to start untangling the hair in phases, from the ends to the medians and work your way up to avoid unnecessary pulling. In addition, it is beneficial to use a plastic comb and thick teeth, since they will not pull the hair and are softer.

How to differentiate hair breakage from hair loss

When we see more hair on the brush or on the pillow, it may be because the hair has broken or fallen out. To differentiate if what we are suffering from is breakage or hair loss, we must look at the hair in detail. When it retains the root and does not break easily, it is a fall. However, if the hair is shorter, breaks easily and has no root, it is breakage.

On the other hand, if we notice a considerable lack of density, we would be facing a hair loss and, even, before some type of alopecia in the cases that it accompanies with bald areas. In these cases, it is important to put ourselves in the hands of experts to solve hair loss before baldness continues to progress.

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Lack of capillary density? consult in Hospital Capilar

If you notice a lack of hair density or the appearance of hairless areas, you could be facing the first signs of baldness. Request your medical diagnosis at no cost and our medical team will assess your particular case and recommend the best treatment in your particular case. Trust professionals in the sector!


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