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Why do we have hair on our heads?

As with any other part of our body, we have had hair since the beginning of time for various reasons. Today we conceive hair as one more accessory to which we give a strong aesthetic connotation. Although this is so, it is not the reason why we humans continue to have hair. Then, why do we have hair on our heads? What are the true functions of hair?

In blog de Hospital Capilar, a network of clinics specialized in medicine and hair surgeries, we tell you the reality of why we have hair, beyond aesthetics.

What is hair for?

Hair is a very important part of us. Part of our self-esteem tends to depend on the condition of our hair, and it is precisely for this reason that we care daily about always wearing it in the best condition.

However, we do not have hair on our heads solely with the aim of giving us personality and giving us self-esteem, but there are other types of reasons. What are the functions of hair?

Protects from the sun's rays

Just as our skin suffers in summer and we must protect it from the sun's rays, the same thing happens with the scalp. One of the reasons why we have hair on our heads is precisely to protect us from the sun throughout the year, but especially in the summer.

Hair minimizes the impact of the sun on the scalp considerably reducing the risk of burns.

Maintains body temperature  

Another of the functions indicated by our medical equipment of hair is to preserve body temperature. It is for this reason that in ancient times we had much more hair all over our bodies, since we had to survive in extreme weather conditions without the clothing and comforts that we have today.

A lot of heat is given off by the head due to the functioning of the brain. In this way, hair maintains the body temperature of the head by protecting the brain.

Minimize head impacts

Another function that explains why we have hair on our heads is to protect ourselves from blows. The impacts on heads with an adequate amount of hair are less intense than on those with baldness. 

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Hair as a fundamental element of our personality

We already know the functional reasons for having hair on the head. Although it is true that today these functions are not as important as the strong aesthetic component that today we give to the hair.

When we wear healthy hair we feel good, safe and confident. We usually spend some time every day in take care of hair at home to always keep it in the best conditions. Otherwise, when we suffer from alopecia and realize that we have areas without hair, that is when self-esteem problems begin.

Baldness has a strong emotional component that can bring with it, in the most extreme cases, strong psychological problems. Not having hair can become a problem for many men and women who suffer from some type of alopecia, but currently has a solution.

The solution to baldness? The capillary graft

Thanks to the capillary graft with the FUE technique, it is possible to restore the hair in those areas where it stopped growing. The intervention is minimally invasive and consists of extracting the follicular units that contain the hair from the donor area, the one that is not affected by alopecia, to implant them in the hairless area.

The results of the hair transplant are definitive, since the grafted hair is not affected by androgenic alopecia and will not fall out for that reason. However, it is essential to follow hair treatments to strengthen the hair and prevent hair loss susceptible to androgenetic alopecia.

It is a year after the hair transplant when we appreciate the definitive results, although after 6 months we can see ourselves with a good amount of new hair.

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