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Why do I have gray hair in my beard?

As with hair or eyebrows, the beard is also susceptible to graying. It is a completely natural process motivated by different factors that can intervene in the depigmentation of facial hair. In this sense, one of the most common questions that arise when we see the first white hairs is, precisely, why do i have gray hair.

Next in the blog de Hospital Capilar We tell you what are the main reasons why gray hair appears in the beard.

What are gray hair?

gray hairs are hair depigmentation due to loss of melanin. In this way the hair loses its natural color turning white.

This process of color loss occurs progressively and can occur in several areas with hair simultaneously.

Why do I have gray hair in my beard?

When asked why I have gray hair in my beard, the answer is simple: the passage of time itself. Our medical equipment establishes that with old age the body begins to produce a greater amount of hydrogen peroxide, which causes the blockage of melanin synthesis. In addition, the levels of tyrosinases, enzymes responsible for the production of melanin, are reduced.

In short, due to physiological processes that usually occur after the age of 35, melanin levels are progressively reduced until the hair follicles naturally lose their pigment.

Causes that favor the appearance of gray hair in the beard

Sometimes old age is not the only cause that favors the appearance of gray hair in the beard. There are other factors that even favor premature graying, such as stress or genetics.

Bad nutrition

Just as there is a close relationship between diet and hair loss, a vitamin deficiency can lead to premature graying. Specifically, the B vitamins and minerals such as zinc or iron They are key to keeping the hair in the best conditions. In addition, these nutrients help the production of melanin. 

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Stress causes an increase in the levels of the hormone called cortisol. This can affect our hair both causing it to fall out and accelerating the appearance of gray hair.

Genetic factor

Genetics play a key role when it comes to hair health. In cases where there is a family history of premature graying, there is a greater chance of developing gray hair in the beard.

The importance of proper beard care

The beard, like hair, has become a key element in male aesthetics. This is why we often ask ourselves questions such as "why do I have gray hair in my beard?" or “how can I improve its appearance?”. One of the most important questions to look perfect is to know how to care for the beard correctly.

In addition, it is also very common to suffer from a lack of density in the area, which directly affects the aesthetics of the beard. But, at present, this has a solution thanks to the FUE beard graft. With this technique we manage to fill in the hairless areas of the beard, achieving a natural design and results.

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