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November 24th 2021

Postoperative of an eyebrow graft: All the information

Excessive waxing, the presence of scars or the development of some type of alopecia can trigger an irreversible loss of eyebrow hair. The only way to regain density in the area we had is through an eyebrow implant. For the results to be optimal, a correct postoperative of an eyebrow graft: We give you all the information!

Eyebrow graft: What does the intervention consist of?

An eyebrow graft, like a hair implant, is a minimally invasive outpatient surgery With which it is possible to repopulate those areas of the eyebrows with a lack of density.

To carry out an eyebrow transplant, the follicular units are extracted from the lower area of ​​the neck. Later, they are separated, classified and divided, leaving them ready for implantation. Then, the doctor in charge of the intervention makes the incisions respecting the previously chosen design where said follicular units are implanted.

The definitive results of an eyebrow implant are given one year after surgery., although they can begin to appreciate after a few months.

Postoperative of an eyebrow graft: What should we take into account?

As with a beard graft, the postoperative period is essential to ensure that the results meet the patient's expectations. By following all medical recommendations, we will avoid possible complications and, in addition, we will not compromise the health of the grafts.

Next, we will tell you what to do during the postoperative period of an eyebrow graft.

24 hours after eyebrow implantation

The postoperative period for an eyebrow graft begins right after surgery. After 24 hours of the intervention, you must go to the clinic to perform the first cure. It treats both the area from which the follicular units have been extracted and the eyebrows themselves.

During the first days it is important do not touch or manipulate the eyebrows, since we could put the health of the grafts at risk. 

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One week after the eyebrow implant

During the first week of an eyebrow graft, with the exception of the 24-hour cure, washings of the donor area and the eyebrows should always be carried out at home following the guidelines indicated by the medical team.

On the other hand, once the first seven days occur, a series of scabs appear on the eyebrows. It is really important do not manipulate or tear them off, but they will fall alone with the washings.

15 days after the eyebrow implant

In the postoperative period of an eyebrow graft, a practically normal life can be resumed two weeks after the intervention. Thus, you can return to exercising as long as it is soft intensity. Exercises that are more intense should wait until after the month. This is because during the postoperative period of an eyebrow graft we must avoid, at all times, excessive sweating.

Two months after the intervention

One of the issues that usually worries during the postoperative period of an eyebrow graft is whether or not we can put makeup on them. It is not advisable to use this type of cosmetics during the entire recovery process, although if you want to do it, you can put on makeup after two months.

At 1 year of the eyebrow implant

Once a year has passed since the surgery was performed, we can say that the postoperative period of an eyebrow graft is over. It is at this moment when the definitive results of an eyebrow implant are given and we will have recovered the expressiveness in the look.

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