Pre-anesthesia phase in a hair graft
June 3th, 2024

What is pre-anesthesia for a hair graft for?

En Hospital Capilar we offer different price packs that include different extra services that are very useful to improve our experience with a hair transplant. Pre-anesthesia in a hair graft It is one of the most requested services in this type of intervention, but what is the use of pre-anesthesia in a hair graft? How is it used and why is it recommended?

From Hospital Capilar, a hair clinic specialized in hair grafting, we tell you what pre-anesthesia is for in a hair graft and how it is used. 

Use of pre-anesthesia in a hair graft

Pre-anesthesia in a hair graft is one of the most requested services, especially due to the effects it has on the hair graft process.

When applying the anesthesia the patient may feel pain, this being the most annoying moment of the entire process. It is precisely for this reason that pre-anesthesia is increasingly used, to reduce the pain of local anesthesia injections. By using a device that causes kinetic impulses of lidocaine without the need for a needle, the area is previously anesthetized before the use of anesthesia. The lidocaine is expelled into the scalp through a needleless plunger. In this way, the scalp is slightly numbed before applying the successive injections of local anesthesia throughout the head. 

Is a hair graft painful?

One of the most frequently asked questions in our consultations is precisely whether hair implant hurts. The truth is that it is very relative, since it will depend mainly on the pain threshold of each patient. However, without a doubt, the only phase that can cause discomfort is during the application of anesthesia. Once the entire area is asleep, the patient in normal conditions will not feel any pain. 

Thanks to the advancement of technologies and studies in the sector, today there is pre-anesthesia in a hair graft, to try to reduce as much as possible the discomfort caused by anesthesia injections. Pre-anesthesia is a great ally to reduce pain, but in no case does it completely eliminate it, so it is important to keep in mind and be realistic that we will notice certain discomfort at the beginning of hair surgery.

Of course, as we said, pain is something very relative. While there are cases where they feel the process more, there are others where they hardly notice any discomfort. For that reason, here too The pain threshold of each patient has a great influence.

Phases of a hair graft

Now that we have talked about pre-anesthesia in a hair graft, one of the first phases that are carried out in a hair implant, it is interesting that we know all the phases that make up this type of intervention. For this reason, we will tell you step by step what it consists of:

Previous hair diagnosis

Previously, it is important that a specialist assess our case to indicate our case in a personalized way and what is the best adapted solution. Through this diagnosis without cost you see the type of alopecia as well as its progress, in order to determine what is best for our case. In addition, in this hair study, the viability of hair transplantation is determined based on the degree of alopecia and the patient's state of health, among others. Since not everyone is suitable for a hair implant

Previous design of our hair graft

On the day of the intervention, a previous design is carried out that will be followed to achieve a natural result in the intervention. The moment that requires more precision is the front line design, since it will be the most visible part for us and for others, so it is always done looking for the greatest possible naturalness. 

hair shaving

Although currently it is possible to hair graft without shaving, it will always be necessary to shave the donor zone. In the case of the hair implant without shaving, only the donor area is shaved, which goes unnoticed with the length of the hair itself. While in the conventional hair transplant the entire head is shaved, leaving the hair with a length of approximately 2 millimeters. This is necessary to be able to extract and implant the follicular units with ease. 

Anesthesia and pre-anesthesia in a hair graft

Once this is done, it is time to go into the operating room. The first thing that is applied is anesthesia and, if it has been included, pre-anesthesia in a hair graft.

This part is very important, since from it the intervention can begin in a way that is as comfortable as possible for the patient.

Follicular unit extraction

The first part of the intervention is the follicular unit extraction using the FUE technique. Using a device called a micromotor, it is possible to make cavities from which the follicular units will be removed one by one using tweezers.

As these follicular units are extracted, they are placed in Petri dishes for better conservation. These are studied, cut and separated by our expert health team. 

Previous incisions in the hair graft

Then, the incisions are made where the follicular units will later be implanted. In the case of being technique DHI or graft without shaving, the incisions are made at the same time as the implantation of the follicular units by means of a device called an implanter. While in the conventional hair graft the incisions are made with a sapphire scalpel, which allows better healing and a more precise incision. 

Implantation of follicular units

The follicular units are implanted in the previously made incisions. With this, the hair graft surgery is completed and the patient can return home normally, always taking into account the postoperative indications corresponding to guarantee the correct evolution of the implant. 

Subsequent appointments and reviews

After the intervention, the cures and subsequent reviews are carried out, so that the intervention progresses without problems and you obtain the results you were waiting for.

All your doubts resolved in Hospital Capilar

En Hospital Capilar we are at your fingertips to resolve all your doubts about hair grafting, and not just about pre-anesthesia in a hair graft. Our team will be happy to see your case in a personalized way and answer all your questions. We will wait for you!

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