Moment of shaving the hair before hair grafting
July 7, 2023

How is the preoperative of a hair graft?

Before hair surgery, it is essential to follow a series of medical rules beforehand to ensure that the surgery goes smoothly. For this reason, Knowing what the preoperative period of a hair graft is like is key to achieving the best results and avoiding possible complications during the intervention.

Failure to comply with these preoperative indications may even mean that the medical team cancels the surgery. Knowing each of the rules and knowing what the preoperative period of a hair graft is like is important and, for this reason, below we will tell you everything you should take into account before a hair transplant. 

How is the preoperative of a hair graft?

The preoperative period for a hair transplant begins fifteen days before the date of the intervention. For each phase of the preoperative period, a series of indications must be followed that are essential to achieve the success of the surgery and, consequently, some hair transplant results optimal. In any case, our medical team will provide you with all the information and will resolve all the doubts that arise regarding what the preoperative period of a hair transplant is like. 

15 days before the hair implant 

Before performing the hair transplant it is common and beneficial in most cases to follow a previous hair treatment to guarantee the best results. He Minoxidil It is one of these drugs that considerably improves thickness by favoring the arrival of nutrients to the hair follicles thanks to its vasodilator action. It is essential to suspend its consumption or its application on the scalp 15 days before surgery to precisely avoid excessive bleeding that makes it difficult to perform it. However the Finasteride, the drug with antiandrogenic action that is also usually recommended, it is not necessary to stop taking it. 

Again, to avoid excessive bleeding it is important to stop practicing sports about two weeks beforehand. And finally, it is important to consult with the medical team if we experience itching or the appearance of dandruff before the intervention. In case it is a seborrheic dermatitis, it will have to be dealt with in advance. 

7 days before hair transplant 

The medical team will evaluate the medication that the patient takes on a regular basis and, if necessary, will suspend certain drugs that may intervene in the development of hair surgery. There are even medications that can promote the process of alopecia or slow down follicular growth. Some of the drugs that need to be stopped are anti-inflammatories that contain vitamin E or B, anticoagulants and some antidepressants. 

On the other hand, seven days before the hair transplant we must stop consuming drugs and alcohol, as well as reduce the consumption of cigarettes and stimulants such as caffeine, theine or taurine as much as possible.

It must also be taken into account that the team shaves the hair the same day of the surgery. Therefore, we must stop shaving our hair. 

2 days before hair transplant 

For patients with gray or very blond hair, it is important to dye the hair a dark color a couple of days before the intervention. This is because gray hair at the microscopic level is transparent, making it difficult to see. extraction and implantation of hair follicles. 

On the other hand, the medical team sends the indications and prescriptions for taking the necessary medication before surgery. 

The day of surgery 

On the same day of the intervention, the patient must take the medication provided by the doctors and have a normal breakfast, avoiding coffee and tea, as we have mentioned before. When washing our hair we should only use shampoo and avoid the use of finishing products, masks or softeners that can leave residues on the scalp. 

It is very important to go to the clinic on the day of the intervention with comfortable clothes and with a top that can be unbuttoned without having to remove it over the head. Otherwise, the newly grafted follicles would be put at risk. 

Why should we follow the preoperative period of a hair graft?

The preoperative period of a hair graft is just as important as the postoperative. Compliance or non-compliance with these rules influences the day of the intervention, and may even mean that it cannot be performed on the indicated date. This is because part of the indicated rules are to avoid further bleeding and healing problems. For this reason, it can be indicated that all this is to achieve a better result in our hair graft and avoid possible complications on the day of surgery.

If the preoperative instructions are not followed, the medical equipment You may not go ahead with the surgery as excessive bleeding may occur during the surgery or the expected results may not be achieved. In Hospital Capilar We will solve all the doubts that may arise about the hair implant!

Results of a hair graft

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