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April 12th 2023

Preoperative of an eyebrow graft: What to take into account

The eyebrow implant, although it is an outpatient intervention, is still a surgery that requires certain care both before and after the process. Preoperative care is necessary to guarantee the correct evolution of the surgery, so it is important to know what the preoperative period for an eyebrow graft consists of.

En Hospital Capilar, expert clinic in capillary graft in Madrid, Murcia and Pontevedra, we tell you everything you need to know about the preoperative period for an eyebrow graft: what care is necessary and how to correctly follow the preoperative instructions.

What does the preoperative procedure for an eyebrow graft consist of?

The eyebrow transplant does not only consist of the surgery itself, but certain care is required days before the intervention. Thus we ensure the correct evolution of the surgery minimizing any risk and, in addition, we also favor achieving an optimal result.

Two weeks before the intervention

The preoperative period for an eyebrow graft begins two weeks before the date of surgery. At least 15 days before, the patient must follow a series of instructions regarding the possible taking of certain medications that she takes on a regular basis. For example, if you consume MinoxidilIt is important to stop taking it as it increases blood vascularity, which will cause extra bleeding during surgery, making the process more difficult. In this sense, it is important to communicate to the medical team the medications that are consumed on a regular basis.

On the other hand, it is recommended to reduce the practice of sports for the same reason: it increases bleeding during the implant.

One week before surgery

About a week before the eyebrow transplant, the patient should quit smoking or greatly reduce cigarette consumption. Tobacco affects healing and, in addition, the risk of suffering an infection that could affect the final result of the eyebrow graft increases.

The same happens with alcohol and drinks that contain caffeine, theine and taurine. It should be remembered that, in the same way, the taking of narcotics must be stopped.

48 hours before surgery

If the patient has gray hair, it is important to dye it two days before with a usual dark dye two days before surgery. The area where the follicles are extracted to perform the eyebrow transplant is the lower area of ​​the neck. If there is a lot of gray hair or you have very blond hair, the extraction and implantation process is difficult. This is because gray hair, as well as very blond hair, is transparent at the microscopic level, making the surgery more complex.

24 hours before the intervention

One day before surgery, we only have to worry about taking the medication prescribed by our medical team. Typically, they prescribe an antifibrinolytic to reduce bleeding during the intervention.

The day of surgery

The preoperative period for an eyebrow graft does not end until the day of surgery. That same morning it is important that the patient have their usual breakfast, but without drinking coffee or tea. It is important to take two tablets of the prescribed antifibrinolytic.

On the other hand, it is necessary go to the clinic with clothes that can be unfastened with buttons or zippers that do not involve having to remove them over the head. When leaving the intervention, the eyebrows will be sensitive and with the newly implanted follicles, so we must avoid rubbing or bumping the eyebrows at all times.

Importance of the preoperative period of an eyebrow graft

As we have previously commented, it is important to follow a correct preoperative procedure for an eyebrow graft to avoid complications during surgery. Achieving optimal results does not depend solely on the ability of the medical equipment, but also the care provided by the patient. If a correct preoperative procedure for an eyebrow graft is not carried out, the aesthetics of the results may be affected.

Sanitary removing scabs in an eyebrow graft

En Hospital Capilar we solve your doubts

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