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Hair care products you should know about

To obtain healthy and visibly better hair, it is important to carry out a series of hair care at home. The key, in these cases, lies in making use of effective hair products according to the needs of each hair. In Hospital Capilar, experts in hair medicine, we have a range of effective and scalp-friendly hair care products.

From anti-loss shampoos to regenerating treatments, in Hospital Capilar Shop We offer hair products from the hand of Tahe to care in depth for any type of hair.

Hair loss products

In the face of hair loss, we can resort to anti-hair loss products such as shampoos or ampoules. In this way we will promote the correct functioning of the scalp, reducing hair loss.

However, it is important to bear in mind that in cases where hair loss is accompanied by areas without hair, due to the development of some type of alopecia, this type of hair loss shampoo is not enough. To obtain visible results it is necessary to resort to medical hair treatments, prior diagnosis, such as Hair Redensification Treatment or Capillary Regeneration Treatment. 

Tahe Tricology anti-hair loss shampoo

Tricoxil Shampoo

Tricoxil Shampoo is a product specifically developed for reduce hair loss as a complement to other types of hair treatments without surgery. It is suitable even for sensitive skin thanks to its emollient, moisturizing and antiseptic formulation, so also relieves possible itching on the scalp.

This anti-hair loss shampoo contains natural polyphenols from Turmeric, Lime and Rosemary. These act directly on the hair follicle, promoting its density and stimulating its activity. In addition, it improves the texture of the hair providing shine and volume.  

Intensive treatment for hair loss

Intensive hair loss treatment

En Hospital Capilar Shop we also have a treatment in blister format with which to treat hair loss more intensely. It consists of the daily application for 6 weeks of a vial distributed throughout the scalp.

This intensive anti-hair loss treatment is one of the most effective hair care products against reversible hair loss such as stress hair loss. Of course, it should be noted that if it is a disease of the scalp that causes hair loss, it is necessary to resort to other types of pharmacological and medical treatments to reduce the effects.

It stimulates the root, keeping the hair follicle in the best conditions by providing essential nutrients. In this way we manage to strengthen and redensify the hair in a way that respects the scalp.

Hair products to promote healthy hair  

On certain occasions we can notice that the hair is not in the best condition: a lack of shine, dandruff, or an excess of sebum are some of the factors that can interfere, worsening the quality of the hair. In these cases it is essential to use effective hair products. 

Tahe Tricology Frequent Use Shampoo

Frequent Shampoo

For those occasions where we notice an increase in sebum on the scalp, as well as the appearance of dandruff, Frequent Shampoo is the perfect ally. Thanks to its formulation with natural ingredients, it eliminates dandruff and acts on the sebaceous glands, regulating sebum.

Controls the PH of the hydrolipidic mantle and prevents the development of microorganisms on the scalp. In addition, it moisturizes and conditions the hair.  

Tahe Tricology Drag Shampoo

Balance Shampoo

En Hospital Capilar Shop we have a drag shampoo that respects the scalp with which to eliminate certain skin disorders such as seborrheic dermatitis. Its use is also recommended before hair grafting to ensure that the epidermis is in optimal conditions to be able to carry out the intervention without complications.

Thanks to the properties of lemon and lime, it regulates fat levels, providing vitality and ease to the hair. 

hair tonic for hair

hair tonic

Hair aging is inevitable, but we can reduce its effects with the use of hair products such as hair tonic. In spray format, the tonic is applied directly to the scalp without the need for rinsing.

The hair tonic Hospital Capilar Shop reduces the effects of stress thanks to biotin 5 and vitamins H, B7 and B8. In addition, it prevents the appearance of alterations in the scalp. 

Ozonotherapy by Tahe Trichology

ozone therapy

Ozonotherapy, or oxygenating treatment, is a product in mask format that nourishes the scalp and hair in depth. It should be used about 2 times a week as a complement to the usual wash, let it act for a few minutes and rinse until all product residue is removed.

Thanks to its application we manage to preserve the cellular structure, promoting follicular regeneration.

hair transplant clinic Hospital Capilar in Madrid

Take care of your hair in depth in Hospital Capilar

En Hospital Capilar We are experts in hair medicine. We have the most effective hair treatments of the moment with which to stop hair loss and promote its quality. We also perform daily hair graft surgeries to recover hair lost due to alopecia.