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Sunscreens for hair: Everything you need to know

When high temperatures arrive, we must take into account the use of sunscreen for hair. As we do with our body to avoid burning, the hair also needs protection so that it does not suffer.

We tend to forget about hair 

Hair is the great forgotten if we compare it with our skin. We are constantly looking to see if we have turned red, if our skin begins to peel or if new spots have appeared, but nevertheless we do not realize that heat and direct exposure to the sun can cause severe damage to our hair.

Dehydration is one of the most dangerous consequences, since it can lead to the breakage of our hair and its subsequent fall, and can even lead us to suffer a reactional hair loss due to its bad condition and seasonality.

What are sunscreens?

What are sunscreens for hair?

The capillary sunscreens contain UVA.UVB filters in addition to being enriched with vitamins and hydrating active ingredients that repair the hair while protecting the cuticles and the scalp.

Benefits of sunscreen for hair

Sunscreen helps us avoid hair deterioration in summer and some of its clearest signs.

Avoid hair discoloration

Thanks to the use of protection, we will notice how the color of our hair is maintained, especially in dyed hair. Long exposure to the sun can cause the hair to discolor and lose strength, which leads us to have to visit the hairdresser more assiduously, with the punishment that this also entails for the hair.

Don't let our hair get dehydrated

We also keep our hair hydrated and with all the nutrients it needs, which prevents deterioration and weakening of it, preventing hair loss.

Caring for hair before breakage

To prevent the hair from suffering to the point of breaking, sunscreens are very useful, since we minimize the amount of heat that penetrates the hair.Caring for hair before breakage

Other tricks to care for hair

We can complement the use of protective hair products with some other factor that helps us to keep our hair healthy in summer.

Protect it with a hat or scarf

Wearing a hat, cap or scarf can be the perfect combination together with the protector so that our hair does not suffer damage in the hottest time of the year.

Use moisturizing products when you get home

There are products with natural ingredients, such as shampoos and masks that give us extra hydration and with which we can pamper our hair once we have arrived home after a day at the beach or pool.Sun protection for the scalp

Sun protection for the scalp

Although it is usually protected by our hair, in cases where we find ourselves with little hair, we must pay attention to the care of the scalp, since it is a sensitive area that can be highly affected by the sun and heat. 

Treat your scalp when you have suffered from sunburn

In the face of prolonged exposures to the sun, our scalp can suffer sunburns similar to those we suffer on our body when we expose ourselves to the sun on the beach. 

What we must do once we have suffered burns is to apply moisturizing and regenerating products constantly, to avoid that the scalp is left with a feeling of tightness or itching.

A burn can even cause scars that affect the hair follicle directly, or produce skin lesions that contribute or can trigger tumors. For this reason we must pay special attention to the prevention of this type of burns.En Hospital Capilar we can help you

En Hospital Capilar we can help you

We have various treatments that stimulate hair regeneration and growth so that you can improve your hair health after a hot summer.

El Hair Redensification Treatment and Carboxytherapy, are some of the treatments that we can offer you and that we will be happy to explain to you when you come for your free diagnosis. 

Our team will be in charge of determining which one best suits your needs. 

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