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June 15th, 2023

Can sunscreen be used after an eyebrow graft?

The eyebrow transplant has become one of the most demanded methods to recover the density in the eyebrows. This is due to the naturalness of the results, as well as their duration, since It is a definitive way to put a solution to the lack of hair in the eyebrows. Of course, it is essential to follow a good postoperative period to achieve the best results, and consequently many doubts may arise. With the arrival of summer, one of the most frequently asked questions is whether sunscreen can be used after an eyebrow graft. We solve it for you!

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Is it possible to use sunscreen after an eyebrow graft?

When asked if sunscreen can be used after an eyebrow graft, the answer is it depends. In no case can we apply sunscreen or any other type of cream on the eyebrows, but on the face, being careful not to put product on the intervened area. Otherwise, complications could arise that affect the final result of the eyebrow graft, such as infections.

Only once the first month after the eyebrow implant has elapsed can we apply creams as we usually do.. Therefore, sunscreen can be used after an eyebrow graft as long as do not apply to the area where the follicles have been implanted, at least during the first month after the intervention.

Other issues to consider after an eyebrow graft

In the same way that we must be clear about whether sunscreen can be used after an eyebrow graft, it is essential to take into account other types of factors that intervene in the eyebrow transplant recovery process.

Do not make up the eyebrows

In relation to makeup, the same thing happens with facial sunscreens. It's not possible make up the eyebrows after an eyebrow graft until at least the first month after surgery.

Avoid direct sun

Just as it happens with the sun in a capillary graft, during the postoperative period of an eyebrow implant we must avoid direct sun exposure. The area of ​​the eyebrows is in the process of healing, and if it is exposed to the sun, the skin can become hyperpigmented, causing dark spots that affect the final result. It can even cause skin burns as it is so sensitive during the first few days.

How to wash the eyebrows after an eyebrow graft

Don't touch the eyebrows

It seems obvious, but on many occasions and immersed in the routine we can forget, but you can not touch the eyebrows in any case. If we manipulate, pull off the scabs or rub against any object, the implanted follicles can be seriously damaged.

Avoid sea water and swimming pools

At least for the first few weeks after surgery, we should avoid contact of the eyebrows with sea water and swimming pools. Both in the donor area and in the eyebrows we can develop folliculitis or other infections, so it is advisable not to go to the beach and the pool during the eyebrow graft recovery process.

Keep the area clean and hydrated

Another fundamental factor to avoid possible complications is the hygiene and hydration of the area. For this we must wash the eyebrows after surgery as indicated by our medical team, and hydrate the area using the thermal spray every two hours.

not do sports

You cannot play sports after an eyebrow implant until after the first month. In the case of light intensity exercises that do not involve excessive sweating, it can be resumed after 15 days.

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