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Thermal hair protectors: What do they consist of?

Heat is a factor that significantly influences the state of our hair, for that reason there are products such as thermal protectors for hair.

It is for this, and more so now with the summer and the increase in temperatures, that we want to talk in depth about a great ally when it comes to taking care of our capillary health.

Next, we give you all the information about a product that will help you take care of your hair every time you want to comb it and prevent the heat from taking its toll on you.

What are thermal hair protectors?

Thermal hair protectors are a specific type of product to apply before using the dryer and straightener. Its function is to seal the hair so that the heat from these devices does not end up taking its toll and affecting its condition inside and out.

There are different formats of this product, the most common being a disperser, although it is also in cream and spray, among others.

We must look for a heat protectant for the hair that takes care of it completely and makes the hair healthy. A specialist will help us find the one that best suits the state of our hair.

How to protect hair from the dryer

Benefits of protectors on the hair

Thermal hair protectors are a very useful product to, as its name suggests, protect us from external heat sources.

Heat affects the hair cuticle, and it is a factor that greatly influences the state of our scalp. For that reason, opting for a heat protector will help the condition of our hair to be maintained despite products such as the dryer or the hair straightener.

Through the thermal protectors it is possible to take care of the hair, since it protects the hair fiber. This is because it acts as a moisture seal and prevents frizz; In addition, it helps by improving the softness of the hair by acting on the cuticle.

All this means that many professionals recommend its use to give extra protection to our hair.

Thermal protectors and hair dryer

What you should know about thermal hair protectors

Before adding thermal hair protectors to your routine, it is important that you know all the information about them. For that reason, we give you a series of details that are important to know for correct use:

Any hair is worth it!

Hair protectors are suitable for any type of hair. Whether it is curly, straight or more or less oily hair, there are different protective products that will help us to take care of our hair in all aspects.

On wet and damp hair

In addition, it is a product that can be used on both damp and wet hair, so it will not give us inconvenience.

After the shower, before the dryer, apply the protector to protect the hair. You can also do it for dry hair, before applying the iron. Therefore, the thermal hair protector is a very versatile product.

How to protect hair from the hair straightener

Why should you protect your hair from the sun and heat

The sun and heat are factors that, in many quantities, are more harmful than beneficial to the hair.

In the case of heat, it is always advisable not to wash your hair with hot water. This is because heat damages the hair cuticle and affects your hydration. For that reason heat should be avoided and Using thermal protectors for the hair before the iron and the dryer help to take care of the capillary health.

The sun helps our body in general, but we cannot overexpose ourselves either. Too much sun can burn the scalp and lead to skin complications.

As the saying goes, everything in excess is bad. For that reason, we must take advantage of the benefits of the sun and heat, but not overexposure if we want to fully take care of our hair health.

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