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27th October 2021

How to protect ourselves from the wind after a hair transplant?

When leaving the hair graft we must take into account all the medical recommendations to avoid complications during the postoperative period. In this sense, it is very frequent that abundant doubts arise about how to act in certain situations. In this article we tell you how to protect ourselves from the wind after a hair transplant.

How does the wind affect after a hair transplant?

In the same way that we must take special care with the sun after a hair transplant, the wind can also pose a risk in the correct development of the postoperative period.

The wind transports multiple particles, including dust. If dust comes into contact with the grafting area, our doctors indicate that can compromise their health by causing an infection. In addition, in extreme cases of storms, the wind can even lift the grafts. Therefore, it is important to know how we can protect ourselves from the wind when leaving a hair implant.

When the scabs have formed, the wind is no longer as dangerous as it was in the beginning, but care must continue to be taken to minimize complications. 

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How can we protect ourselves from the wind after a hair transplant?

Protecting ourselves from the wind after a hair transplant is not as easy as it may seem. The truth is that, when leaving the surgery, you cannot wear hats, caps or any other object that rubs the area of ​​the grafts, so you cannot use them to protect yourself from the wind.

The most effective way to prevent the wind from damaging us after a hair implant is to avoid going outside when it is very intense. In the event that it cannot be avoided, it may be helpful interpose an umbrella between the wind and the head.

How does the wind affect hair?

In the same way that the wind is harmful when we come out of a hair graft, it is also harmful to hair in general. Know what the effects of wind on hair It can save us from having to deal with symptoms like dryness, scalp irritation, breakage, and even burns.

In cases where a hair graft has not been performed or the corresponding time has passed after the intervention, caps or hats can be used to minimize the effects of the wind on the hair. If you have long hair, it is also beneficial to collect it with not too tight hairstyles to avoid breakage. 

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Take care of your hair in Hospital Capilar

En Hospital Capilar we are professionals in the hair sector and, in addition to performing hair grafts with FUE technique, we have treatments to care for and maintain optimal hair health even after the intervention.

Capillary Regeneration Treatment

It is defined as a maintenance treatment and enhances hair regeneration. The CRT strengthens the hair and prevents miniaturization of the hair, thus improving its quality.

Hair Redensification Treatment

It consists of a drug therapy treatment adapted to each patient. Through practically painless dermoinfiltrations it is possible to stop hair loss.

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All your doubts resolved in Hospital Capilar

If you have questions about hair grafting or any other treatment, contact us! We have a highly experienced medical team in the hair sector that will solve all your questions. 



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