Can you drink beer after a hair transplant?

Can I drink beer after a hair transplant?

When we perform a hair transplant, it is very common for doubts to arise regarding the postoperative period. Knowing what can and cannot be done is essential to avoid possible complications during recovery and ensure graft survival. One of those doubts is in relation to something as common as drinking beer after a hair transplant: Is it viable?

En Hospital Capilar, a clinic specialized in medicine and hair surgeries, we tell you everything you need to know about whether it is possible to drink beer after a hair transplant.

Is it possible to drink beer after a hair transplant?

A hair transplant is defined as a minimally invasive outpatient intervention, in which we can resume our normal life once the surgery is finished. Of course, it is important to put into practice a series of medical indications so as not to compromise the health of the implants and thus obtain a better aesthetic result.

One of those basic rules that we must strictly comply with is the alcohol consumption after a hair transplant. According to our medical equipment, In no case is it possible to drink alcohol after hair surgery, at least for the first few days and until you stop taking medications.. In addition, it is also not possible to consume alcohol the first few days before surgery, that is, during the hair transplant preoperative.

In relation to drinking beer after a hair transplant, if it does not contain alcohol yes it is possible. But in no case can you drink beer with alcohol after a hair transplant, since it is contraindicated with the medication administered by the post-surgery medical team and, in addition, it causes dehydration, affects blood coagulation and increases the risk of inflammation of the scalp.

When can I drink alcohol again after a hair transplant?

We will be able to drink beer after a hair transplant when oral drugs are no longer being taken and once the first days after the intervention have passed. However, in case of doubt it is preferable to consult the medical equipment so that you can assess based on each particular case.

Other issues to consider during the postoperative period of a hair transplant

During the postoperative of a capillary implant we have to keep in mind other types of issues, not just those related to alcohol consumption. It is important to internalize each one of them, since in this way we will reduce possible complications to a minimum.

Avoid drinking coffee and tea

In addition to alcohol consumption, we should also avoid drinks such as coffee and tea during the first few days.

Do not smoke or consume narcotic substances

Tobacco and drug use pose a considerable risk to the health of grafts. For this reason, we must suspend its use or reduce the consumption of cigarettes to a minimum. minimum 7 days after the intervention.

Do not play sports and avoid excessive sweating

Excessive sweating can cause the development of pathologies such as a folliculitis, damaging the implanted follicles. This is why during the first month we will not be able to do high-intensity sports, or other types of activities that involve sweating, such as keeping sexual intercourse after hair transplant.

Protect us from sun exposure

Another issue to consider is direct exposure to the sun. We should avoid it during the first months after surgery.

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